Vase cannon fodder is pampered by the group again

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Chapter 5.2 Is ‘Xiao Ci’ a name you can mention?

“Going back to our parents’ place?” As they left the hospital room, Shen Bie took out his car keys and dangled them, “They’ve been nagging me every day, saying they miss you. It’s driving me crazy.”

Indeed, Shen Ci hadn’t been back to their parents’ place for quite some time while filming “Don’t Say Farewell”.

Shen Ci was about to agree when a familiar voice called out from behind, “Xiao Ci–“

Shen Bie raised an eyebrow and with a mocking curve at the corner of his mouth, he turned around without even looking and retorted, “Is ‘Xiao Ci’ a name you can mention?”

Shao Jinhuan stopped in his tracks, his expression cold as he faced Shen Bie.

The silent exchange between the two was like a spark that ignited a raging fire. Sensing that the atmosphere was becoming increasingly tense, Shen Ci quickly hugged his big brother’s arm, “Big brother! We’re supposed to be going home, right? Haha… Let’s not waste any more time!”

Thinking back to the last time the two had a fierce fight that almost sent them both to the hospital, Shen Ci couldn’t help but shudder.

Although Shen Bie had a bad temper, he still listened to his precious little brother.

He shot Shao Jinhuan a warning glance, “Stop messing with my brother.”

“I have something to talk to Xiao Ci about, privately.”

Shao Jinhuan looked straight at Shen Ci without glancing away. Shen Ci could see that his big brother, Shen Bie, was about to lose his temper again and wondered why Shao Jinhuan insisted on running towards trouble.

With Shao Jinhuan so stubborn, Shen Ci had no choice but to deal with his big brother first: “Big brother, you go start the car first. Brother Shao probably has something urgent; I’ll be there soon.”

Shen Bie glared at him but eventually gave in to his little brother’s pitiful, puppy like pleading eyes, snorting coldly as he turned away first.

Seeing his big brother finally compromise, Shen Ci let out a sigh of relief.

“Xiao Ci, last night…” Shao Jinhuan began, but then hesitated.

Shen Ci interrupted, “Ah, stop, stop! My little uncle took me home last night. Please don’t bring that up again…”

Shao Jinhuan’s eyes drooped and he said flatly, “I know that.”

Shen Ci waited patiently for Shao Jinhuan to speak again, but he remained silent.

“Brother Shao, um… do you have anything else to talk about?” Shen Ci couldn’t help but urge him, since his short-tempered big brother was still waiting.

Many people thought that being silent and reticent was Movie Emperor Shao’s public persona, but those who really knew him understood that this guy really couldn’t express himself well!

Becoming impatient, Shen Ci was about to say goodbye when Shao Jinhuan finally spoke up: “Xiao Ci, be more cautious in everything you do and take good care of yourself.”

Shen Ci was startled. Could it be that Shao Jinhuan also knew this world was a novel and came to warn him, the little cannon fodder?!

Shao Jinhuan continued, “What happened last night… can’t happen again.”

Shen Ci breathed a sigh of relief. So that’s what Shao Jinhuan was talking about!

Shen Ci said, “Brother Shao, thank you for the reminder. I owe a lot to my little uncle yesterday and I’ll definitely be more careful in the future.”


Shao Jinhuan stared at him unblinkingly, his eyes deep and complex, seemingly filled with many emotions Shen Ci couldn’t understand– relief, loss, and…

Shen Ci avoided his gaze, touching his hair awkwardly, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll go now. Bye, Brother Shao!”

Not waiting for Shao Jinhuan’s reply, Shen Ci quickly turned and ran away.

He didn’t dare think too much about Shao Jinhuan’s gaze just now. He was just a cannon fodder now trying to avoid the miserable fate ahead. Wouldn’t getting involved in the main characters’ emotional entanglements be courting death?

Lost in self-mocking thoughts, Shen Ci only snapped out of it when someone flicked his forehead.

Startled, he looked up to see Shen Bie standing at the corner, not having gone downstairs.

“What did he say to you?” Shen Bie crossed his arms and looked at his foolish little brother who seemed to be lost in a daze, gritting his teeth fiercely.

Shen Ci made up some random details and then dragged his big brother away quickly.

Cherish life, stay away from the protagonists!

It had been a long time since they had returned to the Shen family’s main residence. As they approached from a distance, Shen Ci saw someone standing outside.

Squinting, he stared for a while before recognizing who it was from far away. He immediately became lively inside the car, jumping up and down like a monkey.

Shen Ci’s eyes curved into crescent moons as he laughed and as soon as the car door opened, he leaped out: “Mom!”

“Ah! My baby, come give mom a hug!” Mother Shen hugged her younger son, spinning around joyfully for a few rounds, but after seeing Shen Ci’s face, she asked in surprise, “Why are you crying?”

Shen Ci continued to smile, holding his mother’s hand as she tried to wipe away his tears, rubbing his tear streaked cheek against it.

The moment he saw his mother, tears fell unexpectedly, without even the usual warning of a sore nose.

His parents and big brother, who loved him to the bone, were in the end strangers to him. How ironic.

Mother Shen, not understanding why, stroked her younger son’s hair gently, “Is it tough being an idol?”

Shen Ci shook his head, smiling through his tears, “No, no, Mom. What delicious food do we have today?”

Mother Shen immediately became excited, “Today, I cooked all your favorite dishes myself!”

Shen Ci’s emotions came and went quickly. He chatted with his mother about daily life as they walked from the main gate to the villa and he soon returned to his usual cheerful state.

So much so that when he entered the living room and saw Lu Xiao leisurely sitting on the sofa, he almost blurted out in surprise.


After experiencing such an embarrassing incident, why did he reappear in front of him so soon?

Mother Shen said, “Oh! I forgot to mention, Xiao Lu just arrived. He came specifically to enjoy dinner with us today!”

Lu Xiao’s face held a relaxed smile as he greeted Shen Ci as usual, “Xiao Ci, good evening.”

Shen Ci couldn’t find any place to hide so forced a smile uglier than crying, “Little Uncle, good evening…”

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