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Chapter 28.1 The protagonist and supporting character

Lin Qin couldn’t help looking at Meng Chao, but he didn’t dare look straight, otherwise it would seem he was admitting it, so only he peeked.

Compared to Lin Qin’s embarrassment, Meng Chao not only looked as he usually did, he also put on an open-minded and willing to learn appearance, eyes full of seriousness, really looking as if he was reporting to his master.

This made Lin Qin appear even more cramped. His blush the same as that of a monkey’s a**. Fortunately, it was nighttime and the lights in the pavilion were warm yellow. The two seniors and Meng Chao wouldn’t be able to see it right? Lin Qin thought with a little self-deception.

And Dai Hong and Zhu Ling really taught Lin Qin and Meng Chao how to get along as a couple.

Zhu Ling glanced at Dai Hong. Although there were more wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, the concentration and love in his eyes hadn’t diminished. Instead, it had become made more mellow and long because of time.

Dai Hong too saw the same thing.

Zhu Ling reminisced and recounted: “Old Dai and I have been married for almost thirty years. We’ve suffered and loved, stumbled and overcome bumps. Now the days are good, life and the surrounding environment has become brilliant and things around have also become more tempting and exciting, but the two of us are the same as when we had just fallen in love. It’s all because of trust, tolerance and responsibility.”

Dai Hong picked up the conversation, “Yes, it’s because of these three points. Trust allows us to leave space for each other with confidence, tolerance allows us to see each other’s shortcomings, smooth edges and corners, and blend with each other. The most important thing is responsibility. Responsibility allowed us to run a home together and let us know what should and shouldn’t be done. So no matter how hard and tired it gets, an abundance of this let’s us keep on going.”

Lin Qin was a bit nervous at the beginning but finally listened carefully.

His parents had divorced when he was in junior high school. During that time, the family was empty apart from his parents’ quarrels.

In the several outbreaks of quarrels, Lin Qin faintly guessed the reasons for his parents divorce. His mom had felt that his father’s business was bigger and he was taking care of a woman outside. His father had felt that his mother wasn’t tolerant enough to support his career.

Love had long been wiped out due to the quarrels, and finally, they had naturally gone their separate ways.

If his parents had known these three points clearly, they wouldn’t have divorced right? Then he wouldn’t have not gotten help and understanding from his parents when he had encountered those things in high school right?

As soon as his thoughts run to that dark day, Lin Qin hurriedly pulled back and kept telling himself that it was over, that everything was over.

In this way, his rapid breathing gradually calmed down.

A pair of warm hands suddenly held his hands and the negative emotions that were raging against him were suddenly stopped by the temperature coming from those hands.

Lin Qin looked up and saw Meng Chao looking at him with worry.

Meng Chao asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Qin shook his head gently, a dim smile on the corner of his lips, “I thought of some unhappy things, but it’s okay now.”

Saying this, the strength in his hands couldn’t help but tighten, greedily wanting to keep the temperature of Meng Chao’s hands in his heart permanently.

Meng Chao didn’t withdraw his hands, changing his posture instead, interlocking Lin Qin’s ten fingers with his, his palm against his palm, using his own temperature to warm Lin Qin’s ice cold palms.

Under the table, the two hands clasped together tightly, the two restless hearts also getting closer and closer.

The communication between the two was very quiet, so in the eyes of Dai Hong and Zhu Ling, the two only looked very close. Meng Chao had bowed his head close to Lin Qin’s ears, so close that his lips were almost touching Lin Qin’s earlobe.

The atmosphere seemed very harmonious. Zhu Ling and Dai Hong also felt that these two young people were young and playful, so they didn’t hesitate to tell them some of their feelings about after marriage.

Although everyone knows that every couple has their own way of life and how they got along with each other, some things were common, and they hoped that it would help Lin Qin and Meng Chao in the future.

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