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Chapter 32.2 I’m willing

He liked Lin Qin, an unprecedented like like never before. So he wanted all of Lin Qin’s memories of their kisses to be wonderful, rather than of being forced to out of consideration for him.

Lin Qin more or less guessed Meng Chao’s emotions and was happy, but was also determined to cooperate actively with the treatment, otherwise he wouldn’t even be able to enjoy kisses, then wouldn’t it be a waste?

The paper window that lay between the two was finally broken and the two people who were attracted to each other when they first met finally came together.

In the evening, Lin Qin took his cell phone back from the director’s crew, and this time carefully switched to the hidden account then with a trembling hand, sent a Weibo post.

Looking at it, he felt uncomfortable, so he used this one time once in a year opportunity to change the name. His ID now wasn’t in the form of the username plus a string of numbers.

Chao Chao’s QinQin: We are together.

In this way, the seaside villa ushered in and sent out several waves of guests and the filming of ‘We Are Together’ was half over.

On this day, a special guest was welcomed into the villa, Meng Chao’s elder brother Meng Ke.

Of course, Meng Ke hadn’t been invited by the program crew to record the show, but just happened to be on a business trip in Marine City so he had come by to see his younger brother and his younger brother’s wife who made his younger brother fall in love.

Meng Ke wasn’t a public figure, so when he came over the recording of the show was stopped temporarily and Meng Chao invited him into the living room. In a sense, this could be regarded as meeting the parents. Lin Qin was ill at ease and nervous, but he was determined to cooperate with the treatment, so even if there was physical resistance, he still summoned up the courage to make contact with him.

“Meng Chao Ge.” Lin Qin called, looking as if he was at ease, but his palms were already sweating.

Meng Ke and Meng Chao were similar in five points. They intersect was that Meng Chao was gentle and elegant while Meng Yue was more serious. He was in charge of the large Meng family, but facing the person his brother loved, his attitude was relatively mild. “Don’t be nervous, we will be family in the future.”

Lin Qin nodded obediently in response, but the words we will be family made him even more nervous.

Meng Chao took Lin Qin’s hand and looked at Meng Ke. “Big brother, why are you here this time?”

He didn’t believe that Meng Ke simply came to see him and Lin Qin.

Sure enough, Meng Ke came with a purpose.

He said, “Have you found your next guests?”

Meng Chao squinted, immediately knowing what Meng Ke meant. “You want to insert someone in as a guest?”

Meng Chao had a say in the choosing of the guests, not only because he was a prominent figure, but also because he had an investment in ‘We Are Together’, so if he wanted a guest to come in, the show crew wouldn’t refuse.

“Mhmm.” Meng wasn’t shy about it, “An eighteen tier singer who is very creative, he is quite talented.”

“I didn’t expect big brother to be a person who values talent.” Meng Chao sighed deeply. He would definitely help his brother with this favour, “Alright, give me the information, I’ll let the program team contact him.”

Having achieved his goal, in order not to affect the filming of the program, Meng Ke didn’t stay any longer, saying: “In the future bring Lin Qin home, I believe our parents are still waiting at home to see their daughter-in-law. “

Meng Chao ignored him,” I know, are you leaving or not?”

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