Falling in love with the male god

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Chapter 22.2 Hug

“Meng Chao Ge …” Lin Qin mumbled in Meng Chao’s arms, his breath gradually lengthening.

Two minutes later Meng Chao discovered that Lin Qin was asleep.

He gently put Lin Qin back on the bed, opened the cool quilt and looking at Lin Qin’s tearstained face, with his pale and fragile lips, felt a pain in his heart, as if it had been pinched by something.

Then he went into the bathroom, wrung a towel then carefully, as if he were a rare treasure, wiped Lin Qin’s face.

He didn’t leave immediately, but sat by the bed watching Lin Qin for a long time then finally bowed his head and placed a kiss on Lin Qin’s forehead, “Qin Qin, good night.”

Meng Chao got up and tucked him in before turning away.

The moment he turned, all the gentleness disappeared, his pair of black eyes deep without a bottom found in it, only ice diffusing.

When he reached the door, Chu Hong had just rushed in after receiving the news. At this time, Meng Chao had just closed the door to Lin Qin’s room.

Chu Hong glanced worriedly at the closed door, asking with lingering fear: “How is Lin Qin?”

“Asleep.” Meng Chao had condensed all the negative emotions and recovered his gentle manner.

Chu Hong was relieved, but knowing Lin Qin had fallen asleep so quickly was surprised, then suddenly clear in her heart.

In the past, whenever Lin Qin was caught by negative emotions, he had to take medicine to calm down, and it also took a long time before he fell asleep but now, between the ten minutes she had heard the news to the time she had reached here, Meng Chao had pacified Lin Qin. This was unprecedented, afraid only Meng Chao could achieve this.

Lin Qin had an illness, but Meng Chao was his effective cure.

Chu Hong thought of this and looked sincerely at Meng Chao, saying hoarsely, “Movie emperor Meng, thank you.”

Meng Chao raised his lips slightly, “Don’t thank me, I did everything willingly and from my heart. “

“You…” Chu Hong seemed to hear a different meaning behind his words and looked at him closely, wanting to get a positive answer from his mouth.

However, Meng Chao put an end to that, no longer saying anything about it. He only said, “Go back and rest, I’ll take care of him.”

Chu Hong saw that Meng Chao didn’t want to say more, so she no longer dwelled on the subject, changing the topic, “How do you plan to deal with this?”

Strictly speaking, Lin Qin had received an undeserved catastrophe and in the end Jin Feiyun’s actions had hurt him. She would definitely not spare her.

Meng Chao sneered: “Someone has to pay the price herself.”

His voice was still deep and mellow, but Chu Hong couldn’t help but shiver, feeling a chill.

Movie emperor Meng wasn’t as gentle and harmless as he looked, but this was also true, who in the Meng family was simple?

“Then I’ll leave Lin Qin to Mr. Meng.” After Chu Hong said this, she turned and left. There were still many things waiting for her to do. No one could escape after hurting Lin Qin.

Meng Chao watched Chu Hong leave, made a few phone calls then returned to Lin Qin’s room.

Lin Qin was sleeping uneasily, his brows furrowed, fingers clutching at the sheets, haunted by nightmares, the name “Meng Chao Ge…” spilling from between his lips.

Meng Chao stepped forward to hold Lin Qin’s hand, “Qin Qin, I’m here.”

Hearing Meng Chao’s voice, Lin Qin’s struggle gradually decreased and he fell asleep again.

This night, Meng Chao stayed protecting Lin Qin, until dawn.

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