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Chapter 31.2 Are you willing?

There was ha ha ha ha’s in the comment section, all mocking Zheng Huibin’s change in opinion, but her pictures were really good, with the number of downloads hitting a new high.

She wasn’t the only ‘wife’ who produced ‘food’ that evening but many of the ‘wife’ fans still couldn’t beat each other because of Lin Qin’s explosive deleted Weibo post that same evening that was a massive production, and it also made a lot of people witness a lot of ‘wife’ fans large change in heart scenes…

And this night, after being included in the record book by the infinitely growing team of stir-fried vegetables, because of the wife fans production of ‘food’ in rapid succession, they attracted a lot more cp fans.

These are naturally words for later. However neither Lin Qin or Meng Chao knew at this time that their CP fans were growing like a cult.

In the twinkling of an eye, the night faded and the sun rose from the horizon.

Because they had slept late yesterday, even though it was after seven o’clock, the villa was still quiet. It wasn’t until eight o’clock that a door upstairs opened and Lin Qin yawned as he came out.

He went downstairs to say good morning to the staff, then went into the kitchen to open the refrigerator and started preparing breakfast.

Ten minutes later, when the couple and Meng Chao woke up one after another, breakfast was already set on the table.

As Lin Qin walked over with the milk, Meng Chao stared at him with burning eyes. Lin Qin immediately avoided them, his ears turning red.

The small movements of the two were naturally seen by the couple, making them smile tacitly with mutual understanding, not saying anything.

In their opinion, the distance between Lin Qin and Meng Chao was only separated by a paper window, which could be punctured at any time.

After breakfast, Dai Hong and his wife packed their bags, ready to leave. They both had work to do and it wasn’t far from Marine City which they loved. It was rare to even be able to squeeze out a day to rest, but they couldn’t drag it on.

Lin Qin and Meng Chao personally sent them to the intersection. Zhu Ling mysteriously pulled Meng Chao over and whispered: “Xiao Lin is a good boy, you must cherish him. He’s shy, so you must take the initiative, don’t wait for him to speak.”

In just a day, Lin Qin was able to make Zhu Ling and Dai Hong call him Xiao Lin intimately, the misunderstanding they had of him being proud vanishing.

That was to say, Lin Qin’s good, as long as one wasn’t blind, they would be able to see it.

Meng Chao was proud of Lin Qin in his heart, but he didn’t show it on his face, seriously replying to Zhu Ling’s request “Senior Zhu, don’t worry, I will.”

Zhu Ling waved her hand grandly. “Then the next time I see you, there must be a change in your relationship.”

Meng Chao laughed: “Definitely.” His tone was full of determination to win.

Watching their car leave, Lin Qin and Meng Chao walked side by side into the villa.

Meng Chao reached for Lin Qin’s hand. This time without probing, he straightforwardly clasped their fingers together.

Lin Qin moved his fingers gently, not so much struggling, but rather adjusting his posture. Being gripped firmly by Meng Chao, he became well behaved.

Meng Chao: “I said yesterday that I only want to practice with one person and it is only for that one person, can you guess who that person is?”

Meng Chao seemed to ask this question randomly, but his taut back betrayed his nervousness. Not giving Lin Qin the chance to answer, he asked him: “Lin Qin, I want to practice with you. Let’s start by being a couple, are you willing?”

With that, he stepped forward eyes locked on Lin Qin, full of deep feelings and nervousness.

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