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Chapter 44.2 Four child stars

Not only was Lin Qin satisfied with the mountain villa, the program crew was also very satisfied and after promising to protect the villa, the staff called in the next guests, asking them to come over.

The recording had been restarted since Lin Qin arrived in Nanjiang town today, but because the recording location had changed, a lot of things had to be changed accordingly.

The program staff were busy all night, before the new plan was approved. The next day, the mountain villa welcomed its first guests.

There were a total of four guests in this group, who had just finished their college entrance exam in June. They had all achieved gratifying results, and had been accepted to the Film Academy.

They were all child stars, who at a very young age had come into contact with this aspect. They had played many popular roles, their national popularity very high.

They were two men and two women, Zhao Qin, Wu Zhenzhen, He Chuansong, and Jiang He.

If seniority was looked at from the standpoint of filming, then both Lin Qin and Meng Chao would have to call them seniors. However, when the four of them saw Lin Qin and Meng Chao, they all respectfully called them seniors, going according to their status.

The four first praised the mountain villa, and after sitting down and resting, the director’s task came down.

Nanjiang town was rich in peaches, and this season was just the time when peaches riped. The director’s team received a request from the residents below the mountain, saying that a customer had ordered a hundred boxes of peaches, and that they hoped that tomorrow morning they would help them pick the peaches in the peach garden.

Here, a box of peaches had a fixed rate of 10 kilograms, so 100 boxes of peach was 1000 kilograms. When the group of six people heard this unit conversion, they almost fainted.

Of course, they all knew that this wasn’t a request from any resident, but a task assigned by the director’s crew.

However no one complained, the group of people going to the peach garden.

The owner was already waiting for them in the peach garden. The four child stars had all starred in TV series, and they were the kind of series that had a high national popularity. The owner of the peach garden was very excited when he saw them, calling out their names — of course, the names of the characters in the TV series.

“Ahhhhh!” Just then a scream sounded, attracting their attention.


Zhou Lin Lin was a student of No. 2 Middle school in Nanjiang town county. Like her peers, she spent her free time chasing stars, but the person she chased wasn’t the normal internet celebrity who were on the hot search everyday, but the movie emperor Meng Chao.

She had liked Meng Chao for several years. Once, they had been a Meng Chao film that had been released and she had wanted to see it as soon as possible, but there had been no cinema in town, so she’d run to the county to watch it. Sometimes she would go to the county several times in a row for one film, watching it once, twice or even three times.

Her parents had opened a small store next to the town’s bus station. In recent years, after the town’s peaches became famous all around, their parents began to sell them.

The previous summer vacations, she had still been able to relax, just sitting at the counter of the commissionary to watch the shop, but after planting the peaches, her summer vacation had become very boring and tiresome.

However this year, she was very grateful for her father decision to plant peach trees, because she could see Meng Chao and Lin Qin in her peach garden, and they seemed to be kissing!

At this moment, Zhou Lin Lin’s girly heart exploded, and it took a lot of effort to prevent herself from screaming.

She even thought to herself that she was dreaming, otherwise how would she be able to see such a dreamy scene?

At this time, Zhou Lin Lin’s cell phone was still open on QQ live broadcast.

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