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Chapter 42.2 Finding Meng Chao

Lin Qin had bent down over the table to write in his diary when the cell phone on the side vibrated, Meng Chao had sent a message.

He had opened it in surprise. After seeing the message, his eyebrows curved as he giggled out loud.

Meng Chao: I’m waiting for you.

They were just simple words, but all of a sudden they drove away Lin Qin’s inner uneasiness, his whole person becoming full.

Lin Qin drew two characters in his diary, him and Meng Chao. There was a dialog box over the head of his character which said: Meng Chao Ge, I’ll do my best.

The next day, a bus from the provincial capital stopped at the bus station in Nanjiang town, and a young man got off. The young man was about 1.8 meters tall, wearing a peaked cap, simple white T-shirt and jeans, and a pair of white skate shoes, he was young and handsome.

The passenger flow in the station was relatively large. When Lin Qin came down, because of his figure, long legs and good disposition, he immediately attracted the attention of many people, not to mention the camera that followed behind him.

The eyes that fell on him made Lin Qin’s footsteps shrink, then he bolstered up the courage to move forward.

The hint given by the program crew was a simple, but not so simple map. In order to increase the difficulty, directions weren’t even marked on the map, confusing Lin Qin.

The program crew had also given him two more keywords, saying that by following these two keywords to ask for directions, he would definitely be able to ask for directions, and find Meng Chao.

The two keywords were bamboo forest and house.

Lin Qin analyzed for a while as he glanced at the map, then concluded that Meng Chao was now on a mountain in this small town, with a bamboo forest on the mountain, and that there was a house built in the bamboo forest.

So now all he had to do was to align the map with the road in the town, then follow the map to find it.

With this idea, Lin Qin breathed a sigh of relief.

When he walked out of the bus station, the sun was shining warmly, and even with the cap he was wearing, he still felt a little dazzled. He couldn’t help lowering the peaked cap as he stepped out.

At the gate of the bus station were tricycles for soliciting, with the drivers of the tricycles calling the passengers. Some of them even moved in front of them, enthusiastically trying to pull the passengers into their cars, speaking in a dialect Lin Qin couldn’t understand.

The noisy sound buzzing in his ear caused Lin Qin’s brow to wrinkle and sweat beads to form on his forehead. He didn’t know whether he was hot or nervous.

“No, thank you.” Lin Qin kept repeating this sentence. At first, his voice was very low, then gradually it became loud. He had never spoken at such a high volume outside after high school, although in the ears of others, this was just the normal volume.

He was relieved when he finally left the enclosure of the tricycle drivers. Then he realized that he had just been thinking about how to come out that he had unexpectedly forgotten to be nervous.

He couldn’t help but smile, more confident.

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