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Chapter 54.2

Editor: Jodi

After Fang Ming Hui and Yi Ran went out for lunch, they didn’t return until late at night, leaving the director’s team in a sour mood. They had invited Fang Ming Hui and Yi Ran to record a program, not for them to go on a leisurely trip.

Moreover when they went out, they didn’t allow a PD to follow them, hence they didn’t gather any footage.

The director hinted discreetly at Fang Ming Hui, who only responded with a smiling face and said many flattering words before sending the director out.

What else could the director do? After all, the big boss had come with his little lover to have fun. Who cared about the fate of the program team?

In such a situation, the director could only accept it.

After sending the director off with a smile, Fang Ming Hui went to knock on Lin Qin’s door.

Soon, Lin Qin opened the door and was somewhat surprised to see Fang Ming Hui. “What are you doing here?” His body stiffened slightly, and his tone was even dry.

Fang Ming Hui’s gaze swept around the room, then not seeing Meng Chao, he smiled mysteriously. “What? You’re disappointed that it isn’t Meng Chao?”

Lin Qin’s neck stiffened as he asked, “What are you trying to do?”

F*ck you. Fang Ming Hui said in his heart roguishly. However on the surface he said l seriously. “Can we talk?”

Lin Qin refused, “There’s nothing for us to talk about.”

“Why wouldn’t there be anything to talk about? For example, the dirty deeds you did in high school?” Fang Ming Hui threatened, implying that if Lin Qin didn’t agree to talk, he would reveal something about his high school days.

The things that had happened in high school had always been a thorn in Lin Qin’s heart, a deep rooted thorn that whenever it was brought up, his heart would be zapped with raw pain.

Lin Qin’s voice quivered, “Fine, let’s talk.”

Fang Ming Hui smirked triumphantly, then he tried to enter Lin Qin’s room.

However Lin Qin closed the door, blocking him, “Not here. Let’s go to the living room.”

The room was a private space after all, and if Fang Ming Hui wanted to do something to him, Lin Qin wouldn’t be able to stop him. On the other hand, the living room was a more public space, what’s more it was equipped with cameras for the program’s recording, which might make Fang Ming Hui hesitate.

Fang Ming Hui stared at Lin Qin, and only after he had made him uncomfortable did he agree.

They walked to the living room, Lin Qin following behind Fang Ming Hui and maintaining a certain distance between them.

When they stood in the living room, Lin Qin reached for the light switch, however Fang Ming Hui stopped him, “There’s no need for the lights. I like this dimly lit, ambiguous atmosphere.”

The streetlight outside cast a faint glow, providing enough visibility without being too bright.

After considering it for a moment, Lin Qin still turned on the light.

“Sorry, I don’t like it dark.” Then he found a seat far away from Fang Ming Hui, sat down, then said with a a cold expression. “Speak, what do you want to talk about? It’s late, and I need to go to sleep.”

Fang Ming Hui moved to sit next to him, however Lin Qin got up again and changed his position, and when Fang Minghui still tried to get next to him again, he said, “If you don’t have anything to say, then I’m going back upstairs.”

All this while Lin Qin had been acting coldly and looked as if he had an aloof demeanor, but his calm appearance was a result of his excellent acting skills. In reality, his heart was pounding like a drum, and his palms and back were wet as he sweated from fear.

Fang Ming Hui understood that pushing him too hard wouldn’t be beneficial for him, so he remained seated but continued to look at him unbridledly like a venomous snake slithering around its prey.

There was a blanket on the sofa, so Lin Qin pulled it over casually and draped it over himself, feeling somewhat safer with it wrapped around him.

Chuckling softly, Fang Ming Hui finally revealed his motive. “Lin Qin, let me sponsor you. I can make you just like Yi Ran in the entertainment industry, free to do as you please, with all the resources at your disposal.”

Then he added at the end, “This is a win-win deal.”

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