Falling in love with the male god

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Chapter 36.2 Significant change

Looking at Lin Qin’s carefree smile in the video, Meng Chao also smiled.

However he knew that this was just the beginning and that Lin Qin would gradually get better. Like normal people, he would be able to accept public scrutiny, favor, and accept the focused attention of others.

When the director saw Meng Chao’s smile, his heart clattered and another kind of speculation filled his mind.

He asked tentatively: “Meng Chao, are you and Lin Qin together?”

Meng Chao had never shied away from his feelings for Lin Qin, he nodded calmly, “We are together.”

Despite having that speculation, the director was really surprised when he heard the answer, but it wasn’t surprising when he thought about it, after all, even in front of the camera, the two people never dodged when they were together, as close as possible.

For a while, the director was in a little bit of a difficult spot. Meng Chao acknowledging his love with Lin Qin so frankly, when it reached the time for editing, it would be a bit difficult.

There was too much ambiguousness, he was worried that the two people’s relationship would be exposed.

Seeing the director’s dilemma, Meng Chao took the initiative to say, “I hope that our relationship will be exposed by ourselves.”

The director immediately understood and after putting it in his heart, guaranteed: “Don’t worry, I will personally edit it out when it’s time.”

“You’ve worked hard.” Meng Chao looked at the time, Lin Qin’s lunch break was almost over. He bid the director farewell and went back to the villa.

At noon, it was time for the creating. The main force was still Chen Jing Qing and Han Zhi, the two tone deaf movie emperors could only stare dryly.

However, in the lyrics part, Lin Qin and Meng Chao were useful, making a few suggestions, all of which were used by the two singers.

Before they knew it, the sun had set, and the three hours of creativity had passed by quietly. Chen Jing Qing and Han Zhi both moved quickly to get out the lyrics and made the staff take it away to prepare for the evening concert.

The four hurriedly had dinner and rushed to the public beach area in the car of the show crew.

A small concert stage had been set up there and the instruments were ready, waiting for the concert to begin.

The program team didn’t publicize it in advance, and didn’t dare publicize it, afraid that there would be too many people at that time and that they wouldn’t be able to control them. However, for the sake of safety, they had gone to the public security bureau in time to file a record and the security that should be requested had been done, they were just waiting for the evening to start the concert.

When Lin Qin and Meng Chao learned that they were also going on stage in the evening, their faces darkened.

Meng Chao: “The song was just created, we haven’t learned it yet.”

Lin Qin: “That’s right, we don’t know how to sing, what if we mess up the concert?” He was sweating.

The director was unmoved: “It can’t be that if I give you time to learn, you’ll be able to sing right? Come, sing ‘a group of ducks swam downstream the bridge in front of the gate’!”

Meng Chao: “….”

Lin Qin: “….”

The director comforted them: “Relax, with Chen Jing Qing and Han Zhi around, there won’t be any accident.”

After saying this, he himself wasn’t so sure, adding with a guilty conscience: “There shouldn’t be right?”

Meng Chao: “….”

Lin Qin: “….”

Meng Chao took Lin Qin’s hand and left. This program couldn’t be recorded anymore. He was going to stop it!

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