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Chapter 22.1 Hug

…. But the knock didn’t last long, then the door was quiet again.

Lin Qin buried his head in his knees. In addition to the deep hidden fear in his heart that prevented him from breathing smoothly, he also felt a sense of unknown loss that wasn’t clear.

But he didn’t respond to Meng Chao, he just wanted him to leave.

If anyone was to be blamed, he could only blame himself, Lin Qin thought.

He hugged himself a little, the coldness from his bone marrow making him shiver.

Until another sound came from outside the door. This time without waiting for his response, Meng Chao opened the door and came in.

Hearing Meng Chao coming in without waiting for his response, Lin Qin couldn’t help it anymore, the emotion hidden in his heart was like a beast that had been let out of its cage. He couldn’t hold back the tears anymore as they gushed out from his eyes.

There was only one voice in his heart, he couldn’t let Meng Chao see his embarrassing appearance now.

So when Meng Chao went to turn on the lights he stopped him. However, he regretted it as soon as the words left him. Meng Chao was worried about him that was why he had came in to see him, but his attitude was so bad.

Lin Qin sniffled and just as he wanted to apologize to Meng Chao, he heard the sounds of Meng Chao’s footsteps coming his way, then a gentle voice sounded, “Alright, I won’t turn on the lights, can I sit next to you?”

Although it was a question, he was just informing him. Meng Chao didn’t wait for Lin Qin’s answer, and sat down on the bed. A domineering aura coming from him.

Lin Qin felt the bed dip at the corner and knowing that Meng Chao was sitting next to him, the dread and fear in his heart actually went away slowly.

The next moment, not knowing where his courage came from, he said with a tearful voice: “Meng Chao Ge, can you hug me?”

Clearly his voice was hoarse, but it was soft, sounding a little coquettish, but because it was said through the quilt it sounded a bit stuffy.

However because of Lin Qin’s soft voice, the word that came out of Meng Chao’s mouth was an unexpectedly gentle and soft, “Okay.”

After the words fell, he reached out and through the moonlight filtering in from the window, held Lin Qin.

He could feel that when his hand touched Lin Qin his whole body stiffened. He was obviously not used to and resistant to his touch. He could even feel the tremor coming from Lin Qin’s body.

In order not to make Lin Qin uncomfortable, Meng Chao wanted to take back his hand but was again stopped by Lin Qin.

“Meng Chao Ge, don’t!”

Lin Qin’s voice trembled. His mind longed for Meng Chao’s touch, but physically he was extremely resistant. So he told himself again and again, this was Meng Chao, his favorite Meng Chao.

How would Meng Chao not know that Lin Qin was nervous, but he didn’t expose him and only held him, saying, “I’m here, I’ll always be.”

Perhaps it was that his self-hypnosis really played a role, or maybe it was Meng Chao sentence that touched something deep in Lin Qin’s heart. Lin Qin slowly accepted Meng Chao’s embrace, body gradually relaxing.

Perceiving the change in Lin Qin’s emotions, Meng Chao’s actions gradually became stronger and his mouth continued to repeat the sentence “I’m here, I’ll always be.”

Previously when he faced the fear alone, Lin Qin had never known he was so fragile and vulnerable, he had always thought that he could overcome it.

But now, when a person was facing it together with him, expelling the darkness and unbearability together, it was only then Lin Qin realized that the fear that once troubled him was laid to waste in front of Meng Chao.

At least now with Meng Chao by his side, gradually he no longer felt scared. Whether it was the darkness or cold, it was defeated with Meng Chao’s every sentence, leaving only a sense of relief and joy.

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