Falling in love with the male god

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Chapter 46.1 Combating violence

Because Zhou Lin Lin had a link to Weibo when she was broadcasting live, after she posted on her Weibo, someone noticed it.

She also specifically looked at her weibo fans and before she could count, in only a matter of minutes, the number of her fans had almost broken through the sky.

Zhou Lin Lin had never seen such a big wave of comments, and seeing her Weibo fans still growing, there was incomparable pride and joy, even saying in her heart that she would secretly follow Lin Qin and Meng Chao whenever they went to shoot in their villa to do a live broadcast.

However, she wasn’t happy for too long, because under her comments page a large group of people suddenly poured in like waves. They didn’t praise her for her live broadcast today which showed them Lin Qin and Meng Chao, but humiliated her in extremely vicious language, insulting her instead.

Saying that she had brought trouble to they’re male gods but she was still complacent, saying that she was a bast**d and that she should go and get killed by a car.

Zhou Lin Lin was a little girl who had never experienced such abuse so with red eyes, she deleted the message she had just posted, but the group didn’t stop there, specially opening a new group page to scold her more after the previous abusive and scolding comments.

Ten minutes later, her cell phone rang but it was a strange number. She picked it up but before she could speak, she was insulted.

She hung up, muddleheaded, seeming as if her flesh had been picked.

At this time, she began to feel regret, the vanity of the popularity from just now instantly disappearing as she hid in the quilt and started to cry.

A knock sounded on the door and Zhou Lin Lin’s mother opened the door, walking in.

She had heard from others that her daughter had made a mistake, but she didn’t know what she had done, so didn’t know how to comfort her.

She went to Zhou Lin Lin’s bed and sat down, handing her a sketchbook. “This is from the TV crew, they said it’s for you.”

Zhou Lin Lin was actually a little afraid to look at it, afraid that the program crew had come to settle the score with her. But after seeing the contents of the book, she released a breath of relief, at the same time realising that she had been wrong.

The sketchbook had a simple stroke in it. The contents of the sketchbook was very simple, a simple dissemination of Zhou Lin Lin’s infringement act today. If they had really wanted to argue over it, the program would have let her suffer a lawsuit.

However this simple drawing wasn’t a lecture, but simply conveying a meaning to her – I forgive you, but you can’t do it again next time.

When Zhou Lin Lin saw it, she was very moved.

At this time, a special notification tone from Weibo sounded on her cell phone, it was Lin Qin’s Weibo.

Lin Qin v: Words are a warm force that is important to one’s heart, we shouldn’t let words turn into violence, all mistakes naturally have their appropriate ways of punishment. [Picture]

The picture was the cartoon he had drawn for Zhou Lin Lin.

Seeing this post, Zhou Lin Lin burst into tears, feeling guilty and moved.

But a few seconds later, a notification tone from Weibo sounded again. This time it was from Meng Chao’s Weibo, he had forwarded Lin Qin’s post.

Meng Chao v: We have been educated, everyone disperse. @Lin Qin v: Words are a warm force…

Zhou Lin Lin stared at the two posts for a long time, then finally with shaking fingers, she tapped out a full 2000 word article Weibo post on her phone.

This little composition contained the message that she was deeply aware of her mistakes, that she sincerely apologizes to the program crew, to Lin Qin and Meng Chao, and that she also gave the proceedings from the live broadcast and the payment from the local tyrants to the public in the name of Lin Qin and Meng Chao, adding the screenshots of the donations on her Weibo.

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    Our MC and ML is such a good idols….
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