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Chapter 24.2 Joint statement

Compared to the relatively pleasant atmosphere on Lin Qin and Meng Chao’s side, Jin Feiyun’s side appeared a bit heavy.

Jin Feiyun was okay. She was holding a lipstick as she applied it to her lips, but the agent was angry. “How many times did I warn you before you went for the recording? What to do, what not to do, don’t you know? But you, you have the skill to climb the bed of movie emperor Meng in the middle of the night! He has been in this circle for so many years without any scandal, do you think it’s fake? He is well-known for his cleanliness and abstinence! Have you thought about what to do next? If you really upset movie emperor Meng, do you think the gold masters’ that you’ve attracted to your side with your body will help?”

The agent didn’t hide the disdain in her voice.

Jin Feiyun snorted, “Please, don’t pretend to be more noble than I am. If you hadn’t acted as the pimp in the middle, would I be with those old men? Daring to pretend as if you’re the white lotus that is unstained with mud and I’m the one filled with the stench of it.”

She once used to be enthusiastic about keeping herself pure and looked down on those who traded their bodies for resources.

But take one wrong step and all the other steps behind would be wrong, she had long been trapped deep in mud, unable to extricate herself. She had aready slept with old men, so why not find a man with a handsome figure who could bring her greater fame?

In her eyes, men were the same, thinking with their lower bodies, as soon as they saw women their legs would soften.

In her opinion, if she hadn’t knocked on the wrong door last night, she would have already done it with movie emperor Meng. Abstinence? Heh, it was just a ploy for those with immense power and wealth who wanted to fool those with naive minds.

When the agent saw that Jin Feiyun didn’t really care and was even ridiculing her, she got angry. She felt as if something was sitting on her chest and was unable to vent out. Finally, she simply slapped Jin Feiyun in the face as she cursed, “B**ch!”

Jin Feiyun wasn’t angry, touching her face. “If you have the ability, hit me again. When you destroy the face of the person who makes money for you, will the studio give you money?”

This sentence had just fallen when the door of the office was pushed open and the assistant rushed in and handed a cell phone to the agent.

When the agent saw the news on the cell phone her face became black, she threw the cell phone into Jin Feiyun’s arms, gritting her teeth as she said, “Take a good look at it, and see if you still have any value left!”

Jin Feiyun picked up the phone and was shocked when she saw the contents.

This was a joint statement.

The statement was made by Meng Chao Studio and Chu Tian Entertainment.

The content of the statement was very simple. To sum it up, in the future, whenever there was an activity that Jin Feiyun was involved in, the artists of Meng Chao Studio and Chu Tian Entertainment will not participate.

Regardless of Meng Chao’s status in the entertainment circle, this Chu Tian entertainment was enough for Jin Feiyun to simply know that she was completely done for.

Chu Tian Entertainment, was an old entertainment company in the entertainment industry and had produced several movie emperor stars, movie directors, and was super old-fashioned, half of the small fresh meat known as the four major popular celebrities was from this company.

This statement, in disguise showed that Jin Feiyun had been blocked thoroughly by Chu Tian Entertainment!

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