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Chapter 64.2

Editor: Jodi

Regarding all the things that had happened in the Fang family, Lin Qin was completely unaware, and everyone agreed unanimously to not tell him these things, because the past was the past, and there was no need to bring it up in front of him.

Lin Qin and Meng Chao had been rehearsing their scenes for over a month, and so understood the entire script thoroughly, hence they were both in a confident state as they were about to join the film crew tomorrow.

Lin Qin was packing his belongings when Chu Hong called to tell him that the pilot episode of ‘We Are Together’ would be airing today, and then asked him to remember to promote it on Weibo.

It was only then that Lin Qin remembered that the director of ‘We Are Together’ had sent some sample footage a few days ago and then said that he should promote it online if he found it convenient.

Just as Meng Chao walked in, Lin Qin raised his head and said, “Meng Chao Ge, the show is airing today. Have you posted about it yet?”

“I just posted it.” His agent had just reminded him, and he had just hit the send button when Lin Qin asked him.

And hearing that Meng Chao had already posted it, Lin Qin took his phone out hurriedly then shared Meng Chao’s post.

Lin Qin V: Tonight at 8:30, don’t miss it. Meng Chao V: Tonight at 8:30, @Lin Qin and I will be waiting for you in our little villa.

As soon as they posted then reposted online, it immediately went on the hot search.

The comments section was filled with excitement.

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!! The big wave of dog food from Fried vegetables with meat CP is finally on its way?]

[Sitting obediently waiting for dog food.]

[Fried vegetables with meat CP is finally open for business!!!]

[Tonight at 8:30, can’t wait!! Little brother, we’re coming!!]

Lin Qin swiped through the comments section, and seeing the screen filled with ‘ah ah ah ah’s’, it seemed as if he could actually hear their screams and couldn’t help but smile.

“Meng Chao Ge, why don’t we watch it together later?”

Even though they had seen a sample video before, watching it on the video website with the live pop ups was something Lin Qin was eager to do.

Meng Chao naturally agreed.

In the blink of an eye, it was already 8:30. Meng Chao turned on the home theater and projected the video onto the screen. Even though it had just started, pop ups were already flooding in.

[Little Rabbit Lin, I’m here!!]

[Movie Emperor Meng’s first reality show, support, support!!]

The screen was filled with harmonious pop ups.

Just then, the screen transitioned to a residential area in the capital, and the audience followed the camera into Lin Qin’s home. In the early morning, everyone expected to see a drowsy Lin Qin after he opened the door. Who would have thought that he would have already prepared everything and was already waiting for the programme team.

Lin Qin’s nervousness didn’t escape the camera’s notice and was gradually revealed to the audience.

[Hahaha, Little Rabbit Lin looks like he wants to find a box to hide in. He looks so nervous.]

[Little Rabbit Lin is indeed quite nervous. Look at his hands. His knuckles have turned white.]

[Poor Little Rabbit Lin. I’m scared, but I won’t say it. I’ve still got to run my online business.]

These cheeky lines of comments followed the camera to the airport, and when Meng Chao appeared, there was a burst of confessions and what not pop ups on the screen.

Lin Qin also followed the pop ups, whispering in Meng Chao’s ear: ‘Ah ah ah ah, Movie Emperor Meng is so handsome. Ah ah ah ah ah, I really like Movie Emperor Meng!!’

Meng Chao turned his head directly and silenced him by sealing his lips with a kiss, not releasing him until Lin Qin didn’t have any strength left.

“Will you still ‘ah ah ah ah’?” Meng Chao asked with a low chuckle.

Lin Qin licked his lips, then opened his mouth and let out another string of ‘ah ah ah ah’s’, giving Movie Emperor Meng a provocative look.

How could Meng Chao not understand Lin Qin’s little thoughts, and letting out a light laugh, he lowered his head to take Lin Qin’s lips once more.

And this time, he didn’t give Lin Qin any chance to resist, pressing him under him as he devoured him over and over again.

Lin Qin tearfully endured all the passion Meng Chao brought. The fire that he himself had lit, even if he cried, he had to extinguish it.

By the time the two of them separated, the pilot episode had long finished airing. Lin Qin lay in the chair, feeling sore all over, not wanting to move a single finger.

And turning off the equipment, Meng Chao picked him up, carrying him as he walked towards the bathroom, and Lin Qin allowed Meng Chao to carry him. From being embarrassed in the beginning to now accepting it completely, the expression on his face didn’t change.

Inside the bathroom, Meng Chao couldn’t resist pressing Lin Qin again, however after they finished **, when Meng Chao leaned in again, Lin Qin pushed him away hurriedly. “No more, we have to be at the film and television city early tomorrow morning.”

Not insisting, Meng Chao lowered his head instead, gave him a kiss, then pulled him into his arms. “Sleep, we’ll go there together tomorrow.”

Lin Qin replied with a soft okay then fell asleep not long after.

Early the next morning, Lin Qin and Meng Chao were woken up by the doorbell. Meng Chao told Lin Qin to continue sleeping while he went to answer the door.

It was Meng Chao’s agent who had come to pick him up for work at the film and television city.

And not long after the agent entered, Lin Qin came out after he was done getting ready. However the moment the agent saw him, his eyes widened, then he questioned in a shrill tone, “Meng Chao, what the hell is going on here?”

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