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Chapter 46.2 Combating violence

After this series of actions were completed, Zhou Lin Lin retreated from the fan group of ‘fried vegetables with meat’, however she still felt bad.

Her apology and practice showed her attitude and sincerity, making the verbal attacks on her also lessen, all of them leaving messages that were different from before, kind, and so on.

As Lin Qin had said, all mistakes naturally had their appropriate ways of punishment, it was only abuse that required a quick tongue.

Lin Qin and Meng Chao’s response to Zhou Lin Lin was praised online. Because looking at her comments section at that time, they had really used foul language, completely cyberbullying. And the other side was just a small girl, what if she couldn’t accept such online bullying and did something to herself? No one could bear the consequences.

Although there were many people who had abused her, most of them were keyboard warriors fishing in troubled waters, some of them also hot reporting news accounts, as well as onlookers. Even though most fans of Lin Qin and Meng Chao had urged her to apologize, it hadn’t risen to the level where it became personal attacks, but if Zhou Lin Lin had really done something irreparable, it would be Lin Qin and Meng Chao who would bear the brunt of public criticism, and then their fans.

So Lin Qin and Meng Chao’s response, not only reflected the magnanimity of the two, but also allowed the online violence to be eliminated at the beginning.

This matter being exposed like this, the fans who witnessed this matter became even more dedicated to them.

However news about Lin Qin and Meng Chao kissing got hotter and hotter online.

This period of time reflected the high qualityness of Lin Qin and Meng Chao’s fans. Although most of them had become CP fans of the two people and that this suspected kissing picture could even be said to be big sugar, at this time they very clearly refused it, having explained in the comment section that it was just an angle problem, and that actually, it wasn’t a kiss, they just had to look at it well to find out.

The ‘We are together’ official Weibo’s actions was also very fast, they immediately posted the video clip as a clarification evidence and it was really as the fans had said, it was just from an angle.

There was no explanation for the hot search about Lin Qin and Meng Chao.

Lin Qin didn’t care at all. After seeing less foul language in Zhou Lin Lin’s comment section, he put his cell phone away and stopped paying attention to it.

He had come out to speak for Zhou Lin Lin, not because he was kind, but because he had been subjected to verbal abuse and knew of the kind of harm it could bring.

Rather than saying that he was helping her, he was opposing verbal violence and advocating to staying away from violence.

It was also precisely because Meng Chao knew Lin Qin’s thoughts that he forwarded Lin Qin’s post at the first time to make the advocacy more powerful.

Later, someone online finally understood what Lin Qin meant and forwarded his Weibo post again, this time not on Zhou Lin Lin, but on verbal violence.

In the end, even some government media copied this message and posted it on Weibo, accompanied by anti-violence comics.

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