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Chapter 41.1 Campus violence

Actually, Meng Chao didn’t have the time to think too much, because he felt the trembling and helplessness from Lin Qin. He didn’t know what the typhoon landfall had made him think about, the only thing he knew was that Lin Qin needed him right now.

He wrapped Lin Qin tightly in his arms, his temperature warming Lin Qin’s cold and fearful heart. At the same time, his powerful tongue dueled against the guest in his mouth, plunging into Lin Qin’s mouth, given a very domineering and lingering kiss.

Lin Qin’s hands move around Meng Chao’s thin waist, looking up in response to his kiss. Under the incomparably warm emotion, the fear lingering in his heart was driven away, leaving only warmth.

This kiss, don’t know how long it lasted, but when the two separated, they’re breathing came out a little hurried.

Lin Qin looked up at Meng Chao for a moment, his pair of big eyes full of trust and dependence on him. It was this person, who step-by-step guided him out of the darkness, and drove away the demons in his heart little by little.

“Meng Chao, let’s do it.” Lin Qin said, no longer respectfully calling him Meng Chao Ge, however these bold words also exhausted all of his strength.

Meng Chao bowed his head and kissed his red lips, smiling gently.

In the end, Meng Chao didn’t do the last step with Lin Qin, he only helped him release, then went into the bathroom, taking a cold shower.

Lin Qin had asked him why, he had clearly proposed to do it and he could also see that Meng Chao was in need of him, but why hadn’t he done it to the end?

He had taken Lin Qin into his arms and kissed him to relieve his burning need, saying: “I hope you can completely accept me but not like this, because of fear, because of wanting to drive the fear away, that’s why you’re using this to divert attention. It’s not what I need, it’s not what you want.”

Lin Qin had wanted to say that I wasn’t like that, but he couldn’t find a rebuttal and finally fell asleep in his arms.

Meng Chao looked at Lin Qin’s sleeping face and not holding back, kissed him.

He thought to himself, it was necessary for him to understand Lin Qin’s past, so that he could get the right remedy to make his condition really better.

The power in the hotel came back in the middle of the night, when Lin Qin had already fallen asleep in Meng Chao’s arms.

The next day when Lin Qin woke up, he didn’t see Meng Chao and didn’t know where he had gone to. He couldn’t help but recall what had happened last night. After time had cooled his impulse, he had suddenly realised that what Meng Chao was saying was true.

Him saying to do it with Meng Chao yesterday was only a momentary impulse, without worry about the consequences and without completely wanting to give himself to him. To say something that was unpleasant to hear, he had just been using Meng Chao, wanting to use his warmth to drive away the darkness in his heart.

So he felt guilty and at the same time was filled with sweetness. It was sweet to meet a man who understood him so well and respected him to the maximum extent.

Coming out of the bathroom after he had finished taking a shower, he called Meng Chao, wanting to ask him where he was now. He had discovered that since he had been with Meng Chao, his dependence on him was increasing. He already couldn’t imagine days without him in the future.

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