Falling in love with the male god

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Chapter 48

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Meng Chao wrapped his arms around Lin Qin, and once he entered the room, quickly shut the door, trapping Lin Qin between the door and himself as he spoke in a hushed voice, “You’ve become quite capable, my Qin Qin.”

Lin Qin had even learned to talk back, “Not as capable as you, Meng Chao Ge.”

Under the warm, yellow light, Lin Qin’s eyes sparkled, however there was a hint of shyness that lingered within, making him even more captivating.

No longer holding back, Meng Chao lowered his head and pressed his lips against Lin Qin’s, mumbling, “Then let me show you how capable your Meng Chao Ge is.”

Meng Chao’s ‘capable’, was to press Lin Qin in ** and kiss him passionately until he was out of breath. However this in turn left he himself flush with desire.

In the end, he could only hold Lin Qin, caressing his back gently, trying his best to suppress the fire.

He was really capable!

Meng Chao scolded himself inside: If you’re really capable, you’ll have made love to Lin Qin right now!

Of course, he didn’t possess that capability just yet.

Lin Qin who was wrapped in Meng Chao’s arms was red all over, having been kissed until his whole body was soft. Even his voice was equally soft as he asked, “How did you know I couldn’t sleep?”

Meng Chao said immodestly, “It’s because our hearts are in sync.”

Lin Qin didn’t believe it, “If you don’t want to say it, forget it.”

“Qin Qin.” Meng Chao suddenly said seriously, “Come out, the world outside is even better than you imagine.”

Lin Qin was dazed for a while before he nodded, “Okay, I’ll come out, I’ll definitely come out.”

Perhaps it was because their hearts were really in sync that’s why Meng Chao understood why he couldn’t sleep and so came over to keep him company. Because of Meng Chao, he would definitely step outside. The outside world might have its share of unpleasant sounds, but with Meng Chao, it would be the most wonderful.

Lowering his head, Meng Chao kissed his forehead gently, “Be good, go to sleep.”

Lin Qin made a soft ‘En’ sound, and with Meng Chao’s presence, quickly fell asleep. In his dreams, there was no more darkness; the sun was shining, and even a rainbow hung in the sky after the rain and amid the backdrop of the blue sky, it was hauntingly beautiful.

Because they had all gone to bed very late, everyone in the villa woke up late the next day.

And perhaps because of Meng Chao’s company, Lin Qin slept soundly that by the time he woke up, it was almost noon. Meng Chao had woken up earlier, however he didn’t rush to get up. Instead, he laid in bed waiting for Lin Qin to open his eyes.

Making it so that the first thing Lin Qin saw when he woke up and opened his eyes was Meng Chao right in front of him, making him so happy that he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

After the two of them washed up and left the room, the four youngsters were awake, and seeing Meng Chao and Lin Qin coming out from the same room, they merely raised their eyebrows in surprise but didn’t say anything.

In this circle, when it came to certain things, one could only turn a blind eye and keep what they knew to themselves. It was important not to spread things around carelessly.

Yawning, Lin Qin shuffled downstairs in slippers, asked the youngsters what they wanted to eat, then he and Meng Chao drove to the town’s market to buy groceries.

When they were at the seaside villa, Lin Qin and Meng Chao usually shopped in large supermarkets and so were able to avoid the hassle of dealing with vendors. However in the small town, the only option was the bustling market, with people coming and going that created a cacophony.

Standing at the entrance of the market, surrounded by a hubbub of voices and unfamiliar faces, Lin Qin hesitated a bit. However he still mustered the courage to tell Meng Chao, “I’ll handle the grocery shopping today.”

Holding his hand, Meng Chao gave it a reassuring squeeze, smiling encouragingly. “Alright.”

Taking a deep breath, Lin Qin steeled himself then stepped into the market with brave determination.

And falling back, Meng Chao positioned himself behind him, intentionally or unintentionally shielding him from the crowd.

At first, Lin Qin stumbled over his words, but as time passed, he became more confident. At a fish stall, he even engaged in a lengthy conversation with a chatty aunt who had watched a movie he had starred in.

Meng Chao originally thought Lin Qin would be uncomfortable, however except for the momentary stiffness at the beginning, Lin Qin even exchange a few sentences with the Aunty and unless one observed closely, they wouldn’t even be able to tell that he was nervous.

It was a great progress. Meng Chao gave Lin Qin a thumbs up in his heart.

Half an hour later, Lin Qin and Meng Chao came out from the market, and Lin Qin had a smile on his face. After they got into the car, he turned to Meng Chao and said, “Meng Chao Ge, the outside world really is beautiful.”

Meng Chao’s hand froze a little as he started the car, then a relieved smile appeared on his face.

Although the outside world held its dangers, one shouldn’t lock oneself away because of these dangers and miss out on the vast majority of its beauty.

Lin Qin was gradually understanding this truth. While his father and Chu Hong had said similar things before, experiencing it for himself was different.

And once he fully grasped this concept, he would say goodbye to his dark past forever.

Back at the villa in the mountains, Lin Qin prepared a lavish lunch for the four youngsters as a way to thank them for showing him their spirited determination.

Moving forward boldly, refusing to give in.

Neither the dark nor the vibrant past could hold back their determination to move forward.

And this was the spirit he lacked while trapped in darkness.

Fortunately, he was gradually embracing this spirit.

The future would only get better, Lin Qin told himself.

After the satisfying meal, the four youngsters said goodbye to Lin Qin and Meng Chao, then left the mountain villa.

The villa returned to quietude, waiting for the arrival of the next batch of guests.


When Chu Hong received the call, her face became dark and heavy all of a sudden.

She said somewhat incredulously to the person on the other side of the phone, “Are you telling the truth? What is a big boss like him coming over to participate in an entertainment circle reality show for!”

The person on the other side of the phone was Lin Qin’s other assistant who was in charge of some of the company’s affairs, so when she heard that the president of Hai Chao Electronic Technology Co. was going to participate in the recording of [We Are Together], she made a call to Chu Hong.

She knew that Chu Hong didn’t like this big boss, and it seemed to be because of Lin Qin, so she hurriedly tipped off Chu Hong so that Chu Hong and Lin Qin could be mentally prepared.

The Assistant: “Although that big boss isn’t from the entertainment industry, he mingles with people from the entertainment industry. He’s always in the headlines with young celebrities, and just because of his face, his Weibo followers are in the tens of millions. It’s said that this time, he sponsored the show with an additional 50 million to make the new fresh meat he’s pursuing happy. I don’t know what’s gotten into him that he also followed along.”

Chu Hong scoffed, “He’s not doing it to make the fresh meat happy. He sees the show’s potential for fame and is using it to advertise his own brand of smartphones.” In one sentence, she saw through the true nature of that big boss.

Business still had to be done, but when doing business, if you could also pursue a fresh meat on the side, didn’t that sound like killing two birds with one stone?

Chu Hong sneered at this.

After exchanging a few complaints with her assistant, Chu Hong hung up, but her mood for the day remained sour.

The boss of Hai Chao Electronic Technology Co. was Fang Ming Hui, a high school classmate of Lin Qin and the beginning of Lin Qin’s high school nightmare.

Chu Hong wished this person would stay far away from Lin Qin forever, but she didn’t expect him to come back like a tumor!

Absolutely a malignant tumor!

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