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Chapter 27.2 How to get along

Realizing this, the couple softened their attitude towards Lin Qin, not polite and courteous like they had been at first.

After dinner, both the guests and hosts were happy, with Lin Qin occasionally saying a few words.

Afterwards, Lin Qin went into his room and don’t know what he was tinkering with, but the camera in his room recorded it. Lin Qin was preparing to ask the couple questions tonight.

Lin Qin was very serious when he was writing something. He had a habit. Whenever he was thinking, his two cheeks would bulge then shake left and right. These were all captured by the camera. When it was broadcast in the future, the live comments on the screen would be asking what Lin Qin had eaten to grow up so cute.

Night fell, the moonlight was bright and the sea breeze was pleasant.

The sea breeze blew over the flowers in the garden, the smell wrapping up in the fragrance of the flowers, lingering in the garden. The cobblestone path meandered in the middle of a green lawn until it stopped at a pavilion. The sea breeze blew the light curtains in the pavilion into a dance, insects singing in the summer night, very leisurely.

Dai Hong was lying on a recliner in the pavilion, a fan in his hand as he hummed, looking like he was on a holiday.

“When I get old and retire, I’ll buy a house here, this way my old life could be said to be complete.” Dai Hong said to Zhu Ling when he saw her coming over.

Zhu Ling smiled, directly tearing down his stage. “Please, if you can let go of that one three acre land in your hometown, I’ll listen to you all my life.”

Dai Hong had moved from the countryside and had worked hard for most of his life, but was always thinking about his hometown in his heart. He had long said that in his old age, he would definitely go back to his hometown and spend the rest of the years there.

Dai Hong held Zhu Ling’s hand in his and rubbed it, saying with a smile: “If you don’t listen to me in this life, who else will you want to listen to?”

The couple talked and laughed, the atmosphere very harmonious.

Lin Qin and Meng Chao stood outside the pavilion, for a while not knowing whether they should go in and become light bulbs, but they also witnessed the relationship between Dai Hong and Zhu Ling, a model couple in the entertainment industry, it was really the same as those of the outside world, loving and harmonious.

It was Dai Hong who saw Lin Qin and Meng Chao first. He stood up, “What are you doing standing there? Come on in.”

The two walked into the pavilion and sat down opposite the couple.

When Zhu Ling saw the notebook in Lin Qin’s hand, she no longer had any ill feelings in her heart, she started to joke with Lin Qin, “Does Xiao Lin want to get advice on how to get along as a couple like Dai Hong and I?”

This question made Lin Qin blush and falter.

Dai Hong added: “How would they get along as husband and wife, Xiao Lin and Xiao Meng are husband and husband.”

Of course, these two old actors could see the ambiguity between Lin Qin and Meng Chao, so at this moment they joked without scruples on this aspect.

Lin Qin turned to Meng Chao for help, pleading with Meng Chao to rescue him from the attack.

When Meng Chao received the plea in Lin Qin’s gaze, he denied: “Whether it is getting along as husband and wife or husband and husband, the methods of getting along is always changing. I really want to ask you for advice.”


Lin Qin’s whole body burned up, his bare skin red.

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