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Chapter 91 Birthday gift

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“My birthday?” It was only after Meng Chao mentioned it that Lin Qin suddenly remembered that his lunar birthday was on the 25th of the twelfth lunar month.

However he hadn’t celebrated it in a long time, and since his parents split up and became busy with their lives, no one remembered to celebrate his birthday. It had been so long that even he had forgotten it.

But what surprised him more was that Meng Chao knew he celebrated his lunar birthday, not the solar one, as usually, it was the solar birth date that was on official records.

And seeing the shocked expression on his face, Meng Chao couldn’t help but feel distressed, and rubbing his hair, he promised, “From now on, I’ll celebrate your birthday with you every year.”

Lin Qin nodded heavily, “Okay, we’ll celebrate it together.”

[From now on, we will also celebrate Little Rabbit Lin’s birthday with him every year!]

[Little Rabbit Lin and Meng Chao will always be together forever!!]

[Little Rabbit Lin and Meng Chao will always be together forever!!]

The pop up screen was instantly flooded with these messages in a riot of colors, a frenzy of wishes, all of the fans’ sincerest blessings for Lin Qin and Meng Chao.

Naturally, Lin Qin and Meng Chao couldn’t see these pop ups, however it was as if they felt their fans’ blessings, as they both said thank you to the camera.

“I’ve prepared a birthday present for you, want to take a look?” Meng Chao led Lin Qin by hand to the living room.

Lin Qin’s eyes widened with curiosity that couldn’t be hidden.

It was unknown when a gift box had appeared on the table in the living room. It wasn’t very large, was about the thickness of two books and was wrapped up beautifully.

The pop up screen went crazy with marriage proposals, and the cameraman even cooperated well, giving the gift box a close-up shot.

“What’s inside?” Lin Qin couldn’t help but ask.

Meng Chao still continued to be mysterious, “If you want to know, go over and open it yourself.”

And unable to contain his excitement, Lin Qin felt his hands tremble a little and as he tried to undo the ribbon, he almost didn’t have the strength to do so.

His hands trembling, he pulled the ribbon, opened the gift box, and the true appearance of the gift that excited him so much was finally revealed.

Lying inside the box quietly were two books, simply titled ‘The Book of Lin Qin and Meng Chao’.

Lin Qin had thought it might contain a ring or something else he liked, however he never imagined that it would be these two books.

‘The Book of Lin Qin and Meng Chao’ —just the title alone showed that it was a book that belonged only to the two of them.

Reaching out, Lin Qin took one of the two books out, treating it as if it were a treasure as he flipped open the first page, only to find that it was a book that consisted of his character biography as well as Meng Chao’s annotations.

He had always thought this book was still in the planning stages, yet Meng Chao had already completed everything. He even saw a publication number on the cover, meaning that the book could be published officially.

Lin Qin was pleasantly surprised. When Meng Chao first proposed publishing his character biographies with his annotations, he had been looking forward to the their release.

He had even planned to revisit this project with Meng Chao during the New Year, however he never expected to receive such a surprisingly delightful gift on his birthday.

Although it wasn’t an engagement ring, this book held significant meaning for him.

‘The Book of Lin Qin and Meng Chao’, Lin Qin liked the name very very much.

Walking over to him, Meng Chao sat beside him, “After the New Year, this book will be published officially, and from then on, our names will be intertwined through this book.”

Lin Qin felt his eyes become a little wet, and hugging the book, he looked up at him and they shared a kiss.

Tears finally fell, blending into their intertwined lips and tongues. Tears were supposed to taste salty, however Lin Qin found that they were very very sweet, so sweet that they penetrated deep into his heart and bones, his entire body feeling as if he was floating on clouds, his entire body light and airy.

[How romantic!! Why is Movie Emperor Meng so romantic?]

[Little Rabbit Lin is so lucky, I’m so envious.]

[When will I meet someone who understands me so well, who can prepare such surprises for me?]

[Woo woo woo, it’s so sweet, why do I feel like crying?]

[My mom asked me why I’m kneeling and eating dog food?]

[Doesn’t anyone care when ‘The Book of Lin Qin and Meng Chao’ will come out? I want to buy it, will it contain their love story? Ah ah ah, I can hardly contain my primitive urges. Hurry up and release it!!!]

[Please, please, hurry up and release ‘The Book of Lin Qin and Meng Chao’, I’m so looking forward to it!!]

The pop ups were once again moved by Lin Qin and Meng Chao’s love as they looked forward to the release of ‘The Book of Lin Qin and Meng Chao’ online eagerly.

After the audience sent a barrage of comments frantically, they realized regretfully that the live stream had already passed two hours.

The entire live stream was initially scheduled for only three hours, which meant that it was nearing its end.

And the audience, reluctant to part, filled the barrage with pleas for just a bit more time. However the moment the third hour arrived, the live stream ended abruptly, concluding the live broadcast that had shocked the entire entertainment industry.

During the live stream, the topic of Lin Qin and Meng Chao coming out had already dominated the hot search lists, and Weibo had even crashed at one point, only being repaired right as the live stream ended.

As a result, the moment the broadcast ended, the massive influx of fans caused it to crash again.

The Weibo programmers, looking skyward speechlessly, could only dive back into the hectic work of making repairs.

Unaware of these developments, Lin Qin and Meng Chao nestled cozily at home in the afternoon sunlight, turning the pages of the book named ‘The Book of Lin Qin and Meng Chao’.

It was a peaceful afternoon, bright with sunlight, serene with the passage of time, a moment of tranquility in the present world.


In the blink of an eye, the year had come to an end, and on the night of the Lunar New Year’s Eve, Lin Qin took Meng Chao to visit the Chu family.

This was Meng Chao’s first official meeting with the family, because although he had visited the Chu family before because of the issue with Fang Ming Hui, the significance this time was entirely different.

Even on Lunar New Year’s Eve, the Chu family couldn’t have a reunion dinner, because the big brother of the Chu family, due to his special status, was in his office at this time offering New Year’s greetings to the nation. There was no way he could come back home.

With the Spring Festival Gala starting on TV amidst the celebratory atmosphere of red, Meng Chao and the Chu family sat together, with Meng Chao smilingly accepting the tests from his future family members.

And throughout the evening, he resolved all the potential dangers effortlessly, something which earned him unanimous praise from the Chu family, and with that, he was officially recognized by the Chu family.

After dinner, the elders went to rest, while the younger ones gathered together for laughter and fun, enjoying the lively atmosphere.

Then finally, when the clock struck midnight, a burst of brilliant fireworks bloomed in the sky. And Lin Qin, standing by the window as he watched them, felt their beauty for the first time.

He turned his head, and happened to meet Meng Chao’s eyes across the room, then separated by a bunch of the Chu family members, they smiled at each other, deep affection in their eyes.

With the arrival of the new year, everything would be new.

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