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Chapter 87 Obstinate

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Meng Zhao Kang made his attitude clear from the moment he appeared. He didn’t even glance at Lin Qin, instead, he walked straight to the center of the sofa and sat down.

Time had carved many marks on his face, which now spread a commanding presence throughout the living room. The atmosphere turned heavy, and everyone lowered their heads, not daring to breathe loudly.

However, Meng Chao’s mother let out a bell-like laugh, comforting Lin Qin, “Dad’s just joking, don’t take it to heart.”

Lin Qin had already expected Meng Zhao Kang’s attitude, so he wasn’t affected too much, and facing Meng Chao’s mother’s words of comfort, he even revealed a grateful smile.

Then walking towards Meng Zhao Kang, he said with neither humility nor arrogance, “Grandfather, I am Meng Chao’s boyfriend, Lin Qin.”

Meng Zhao Kang snorted, continuing to ignore Lin Qin as if he didn’t exist.

His cold demeanor towards Lin Qin was intended to make him feel embarrassed, and as everyone’s gaze in the living room fell on Lin Qin, he indeed felt nervous and a bit scared. However he kept cheering himself up inside, telling himself that he could handle this situation.

So pulling out a smile once again, Lin Qin presented the gift he had prepared to Meng Zhao Kang, “Grandfather Meng, this is an authentic piece by Master Wang. I heard Meng Chao Ge say that you like to collect landscape paintings, especially Master Wang’s landscape paintings, so I asked someone to find it for me. I hope Grandfather will like it.”

Meng Zhao Kang’s eyebrows moved slightly, clearly already moved by the painting Lin Qin had just mentioned. He had a lifelong passion for C Country paintings, and Master Wang was one of his favorite modern painters. However ever since Master Wang retired years ago, his authentic works had become exceedingly rare, each fetching astronomical prices at auctions.

From this it could be imagined how much effort Lin Qin had put in to be able to get this painting.

This gesture made Meng Zhao Kang feel a little respected, so at least the expression on his face eased a bit as he finally looked at Lin Qin, taking the painting from his hands. He even complimented him begrudgingly, “You’ve put thought into this.”

And seeing this scene, Meng Chao’s mother raised her eyebrows in surprise, not expecting Lin Qin to soften Meng Zhao Kang’s attitude so quickly.

She turned to Meng Chao and whispered in his ear, “Did you prepare this painting?”

Meng Chao shook his head, replying softly, “I didn’t even tell him about Grandfather’s preferences. He prepared it all by himself. I was also surprised when I saw it.”

Meng Chao’s purpose today was simply to introduce Lin Qin to his family, not for him to please anyone, which was why he hadn’t shared his grandfather’s preferences with him. However Lin Qin had still taken the initiative to learn about them and had even managed to appeal to his grandfather’s tastes. No wonder his grandfather’s attitude had loosened so quickly.

A warm surge of emotion filled his heart. Lin Qin didn’t need to please anyone, however in order to make things less difficult for him, he had tried his best and had even done the thing he was least good at.

And it was this respect and seriousness that had moved his grandfather. Meng Chao thought in his heart.

However he knew the situation wasn’t as simple as it seemed. His grandfather’s heart might soften for a painting he liked, however it wouldn’t do so towards Lin Qin who didn’t have any ‘background’, because if he compromised, it would mean that he had given up very big benefits for the Meng family, as in his heart, Meng Chao’s marriage could be exchanged for big benefits for the family.

Hence no matter how well Lin Qin did, it was meaningless to Meng Zhao Kang as not being able to bring business to the Meng family was Lin Qin’s original sin.

And it was precisely because of this point that he had brought Lin Qin home. It was just to inform his family that he, Meng Chao had a lover, and that he planned to stay with him. Of course it would be best if he could get the blessing of his family in the process.

Although the old man’s attitude had softened slightly, he was still very tough towards Lin Qin, and if it wasn’t for the fact that he had brought Master Wang’s painting, he would have probably already asked the butler to kick him out by now.

And after initially trying to be attentive, then sensing Meng Zhao Kang’s attitude, Lin Qin stopped going to please a cold face. He had already done what he should do, so others couldn’t criticize him. Whatever Meng Zhao Kang’s attitude was, he couldn’t control it, and caring about it was just self-torment.

After coming out from the verbal assault, Lin Qin saw the world with new breadth, and he had learned an important lesson. And that was to not take things to heart, as the more he cared, the more he would suffer.

And although he was still learning this mindset, and although his surroundings still affected him, he believed that one day he would become extremely strong, so that he wouldn’t be swayed by external joys or by sorrows.

Meng Ke returned in the afternoon, then made it a point to observe the old man’s expression. It was only when the old man turned to glare at him that he looked away, hinting playfully at Meng Chao with his eyebrows .

Meng Ke: “The old master doesn’t approve, huh?”

Meng Chao shook his head.

Meng Ke pursed his lips, having expected the disapproval.

He could already see his and Han Zhi’s future in Meng Chao and Lin Qin and could estimate that they would also go through a wave of ups and downs with Meng Zhao Kang.

Sigh, he sighed inside: this old man was really a stumbling block in their path of love.

The lunch was extravagant, a show of the Meng family’s power, much like the red carpet display with the maids earlier. Its purpose was to show Lin Qin the vast gap between his and Meng Chao’s status, to discourage him from having any wanton ideas of climbing the social ladder through the high mountain that was Meng Chao.

Of course, this wasn’t of any use on Lin Qin. It just provided him with a sumptuous lunch.

And after Lin Qin finished his meal, he even smiled and went before Meng Zhaokang to thank him, “Thank you Grandfather Meng for your hospitality.”

Meng Zhaokang wasn’t able to see the slightest bit of inferiority complex on Lin Qin’s face, leading him to conclude that Lin Qin was vain. Otherwise how else could he not feel inferior in the face of the Meng family’s wealth? Lin Qin must be hiding his inferiority out of a desire to join the Meng family.

That’s right, Lin Qin was an actor, so he was skilled at masking his emotions, Meng Zhao Kang said to himself.

As the banquet ended, the butler came down to help Meng Zhaokang go up to rest, so Meng Zhaokang got up. “Right, Meng Chao. There will be a guest coming later, entertain the guest well, don’t neglect the guest.”

It was only when the old man went upstairs that Meng Chao’s mother warned him, “It should be the daughter of a certain family that he’s invited over to meet you for a blind date. Remember to stay away later, and don’t let Xiao Qin be aggrieved.”

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