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Chapter 35.1 Two tone deaf individuals

Han Zhi was a fan of Chen Jing Qing and had liked Chen Jing Qing for ten years. It could be said that Chen Jing Qing’s songs run through the entirety of Han Zhi’s youth and he had been influenced by Chen Jing Qing’s style of composition.

What Han Zhi didn’t expect was that Chen Jing Qing actually knew him.

Chen Jing Qing said, “I know you, you’re the original singer of ‘wasted’.”

‘Wasted’ was the song that had made Han Zhi become popular all over.

“The song lyrics were well written and your voice is very good. Why didn’t you sing again later?” When Chen Jing Qing had listened to ‘wasted’, he had been attracted by Han Zhi’s good voice. His voice was one which had been absolutely blessed by god, when he sang, it was ethereal and there was also no lack of dynamic potency. It was because of this voice that Chen Jing Qing noticed Han Zhi and also made him feel the emotions in the song.

The song was also a good song. The style was delicate and had a lingering effect, it also had a direct impact on the heart. At that time, Chen Jing Qing had been curious about the composer of ‘wasted’ and when he had found out that it was Han Zhi, he’d felt that he had an unlimited future and that he could at least go a long way in the music world.

However, Han Zhi was like a flash in the pan. After ‘wasted’, Chen Jing Qing never heard of Han Zhi again.

He had only thought that Han Zhi had retired because he’d had some issues, feeling that it was extremely unfortunate, so he had just mentioned it casually this time, but he accurately captured the flash of desolation in Han Zhi’s eyes, so without waiting for him to answer, he skillfully changed the subject, “I heard that the show team prepared a fun concert today, when does it start?”

To this, the two movie emperors who had no music cells at all in their bodies looked at each other with stunned expressions on their faces.

Fun concert? What was that? How come nobody had told them about it before?

They both turned their attention to the show crew, making the director coughed as he said, “Because the two guests here are singers, following the so-called the host must do as his guest wishes, a fun concert will be held on the beach today. Senior Meng, Senior Lin, you can go with rock-paper-scissors, the winner can choose their teammate for today.”

According to the director, Lin Qin and Meng Chao would be opponents today, and they had to form teams with Chen Jing Qing or Han Zhi and confront each other.

This was the first time Lin Qin and Meng Chao were standing on opposite sides in so many days. Both were looking forward to the next confrontation.

The director then announced the rules of the game.

The so-called fun concert was to play a game in music form. There were three rounds to the games. The winning party could assign a note to the losing party. At the end of the period, the two sides would be given three hours. The requirement was that in three hours, they should create a song. The song must contain the notes specified by the opponent in the game and repeated four times.

In the evening, a small concert would be held on the beach in the tourist area. The two teams would perform a complete interpretation of the newly created songs at the concert and the winning team would enjoy the special seafood dinner prepared by the program crew.

After Lin Qin and Meng Chao heard the rules, there was only one sentence in their heads. Can you stop recording?

In the previous filming, when they got together to chat in the evening, there were some guests who had sang with them, so at that time, the entire show crew knew that the two movie legends had a common shortcoming- tone deaf. Something as simple as a children’s duck rhyme, the two movie emperors could sing it in a thousand strange tones, it was simply magical.

So this fun concert today, was full of bad intentions towards Lin Qin and Meng Chao.

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