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Chapter 34.2 The sun was just right

Chen Jing Qing was an artist of Chu Tian Entertainment, as was Lin Qin, but although they were in the same company, they were both low-key people, the type where one usually didn’t hang out in the company and the other didn’t leave the house, so Lin Qin and Chen Jing Qing had never met.

However, in regards to this great legend, even though Lin Qin was closed off from news, he had heard about of him. What’s more, Chen Jing Qing was Chu Hong’s favorite person. Chu Hong spoke about Chen Jing Qing a lot in front of Lin Qin, stating over and over again everyday that they both worked in the same company, yet how could they not have met? Her tone full of regret.

When Chen Jing Qing arrived, Lin Qin was preparing breakfast. After asking, he found out that Chen Jing Qing had rushed here after working all night and had had no time to eat breakfast, so Lin Qin made him a cup of coffee with onion flavoured noodles first.

A strange combination, however it unexpectedly tasted good.

Just after they finished breakfast, the doorbell rang again. It seemed Chen Jing Qing wasn’t the only guest this time.

Meng Chao moved to open the door, but Lin Qin was a step ahead of him, he said: “I’ll get it.”

Meng Chao was stunned, then smiled, “Okay.”

Lin Qin taking the initiative to contact the world, to contact strangers, was more effective than any medication.

However, Meng Chao wasn’t assured. His eyes followed Lin Qin, watched as he walked along the cobblestone path to the door, watched as he took in a deep breath, and summoned up the courage to open the door to contact someone he didn’t know.

Lin Qin was nervous, his palms sweating. On this short way in the yard, he had already rehearsed in his heart many times what to do after opening the door and what to say. But standing in front of the door, his mind went blank and all the previous rehearsals disappeared, he even tried to retreat.

He couldn’t help but step back, but there seemed to be something behind him. After taking that step back, he took a deep breath and walked back forward.

He put his sweaty hand on the doorknob, moved it and pulled it open. To others, these two moves were very simple, but to Lin Qin, it seemed as if he had spent all his strength.

The door opened and Lin Qin saw the man standing at the door ringing the bell.

It was a man, a man who looked too good.

“Hello, Senior Lin.” The man opened his mouth, his voice seemed to have been kissed by god. Although it was just plain words, it made people feel as if they were listening to the sounds of nature. He introduced himself: “I’m Han Zhi, the ‘Zhi’ in ‘Ting Zhi’.”

Lin Qin suddenly recovered from Han Zhi’s voice, greeting him nervously. “Hello, please… please come in.” Generally speaking, there was no problem with this, although it wasn’t as good as what he had rehearsed it in his heart. Lin Qin made an evaluation of his performance in his heart.

Lin Qin led Han Zhi into the villa. Along the way, he couldn’t help but keep a safe distance. Personally going out to welcome Han Zhi in, was already great progress.

After Han Zhi changed his shoes, he walked in front of Meng Chao and Chen Jing Qing and once again introduced himself respectfully.

He looked at Chen Jing Qing, a light in his eyes.

It was the look of a fan seeing his idol.

Meng Chao noticed this and suddenly understood certain things, smiling meaningfully.

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