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Chapter 42.1 Finding Meng Chao

It wasn’t until noon that the typhoon completely crossed the border.

Normally, havoc would be wrecked on the clean and tidy roads under the influence of a raging typhoon, with trees falling in the middle of the road. The water level had receded and the ground was exposed again. Garbage was scattered on the ground, and even the seedlings on low flowerbeds had suffered, lying upside down, completely without their previous agile appearance.

Sanitation and firefighting officers and soldiers could be seen everywhere cleaning up barricades and garbage, before the entire city was back to its orderly busyness.

However there was bad news on the side of the program crew. Filming could no longer be done at the villa on the seaside due to the influence of the typhoon. The floor-to-ceiling windows had actually been blown apart by the typhoon and the house was a complete mess.

Because the villa was damaged, shooting was forced to stop. However, both Meng Chao and Lin Qin had schedules that had already been arranged, and they couldn’t be delayed because of the show crew.

Next month, Meng Chao would enter a crew to shoot a movie. Lin Qin’s team had also picked up a script for him that Lin Qin liked very much, likewise also entering a crew next month. Both crews had sincerely pushed the start-up time back for a month because their protagonists were recording ‘We Are Together’. Naturally, it was impossible to delay them any longer.

The director was going bald.

Then Meng Chao went to the director. Don’t know what Meng Chao and the director spoke about, when the director came out again, he was happy as he announced that the shooting problem had been solved.

He ordered, “Let’s clean up, we’re changing places.”

Hence, the whole crew moved from the southern coastal city to a small town in the southeast.

It was said that this small town was the hometown of Meng Chao. Although the Meng family had taken root in the capital several decades ago, they hadn’t forgotten their hometown. Under the planning and investment of the Meng family, the town developed a tourism industry, becoming the famous tourist town around.

One of the benefits of not being famous, was that the less people there was, the better the air.

The town was called Nanjiang town, the folk style was simple, and the town had beautiful scenery. And between the mountains, there was a villa in the bamboo forest.

The villa was Meng Ke’s name. According to him, it was necessary to return to nature from time to time to experience the fun of the landscapes as well as fishing.

Having said that, he was very busy every day, all year round, so him being able to stay in the villa for a day or two already wasn’t bad.

The show crew rushed over without stopping to rest and after they entered the mountain villa and set up the shooting equipment, it completely dark.

And Meng Chao choosing this villa as the shooting site, naturally he had his own purpose.

Meng Chao moved into the villa with the show crew, but Lin Qin was a day late.

At this time, Lin Qin had been dropped of at the bus station of Nanjiang town, given a keyword, and left to go find Meng Chao on his own.

The reason why Nanjiang town had been chosen was because one, it had good scenery and was a suitable place for filming. Two, Nanjiang town had a simple folk style, the young people mostly went out to work or went to college, moreover their knowledge of stars was just limited to the TV. Most of them didn’t know Lin Qin, so even if he asked for directions along the way, his psychological burden wouldn’t be increased by being watched.

Lin Qin had social phobia, but Meng Chao had put him into a small society to allow him adapt to it. This process might be difficult for Lin Qin, as there were many customer service requirements. Meng Chao also felt bad for Lin Qin, but this was what he had to experience.

He couldn’t always be in a small world, eventually he would have to come out.

Lin Qin didn’t know that this session had been planned by Meng Chao. When he had received the shooting plan that night, he’d had an urge to look for the director, but he had quickly pressed that thought down.

He also wanted to come out. In order to be a better person and to be able to better stand by Meng Chao, he wanted to come out completely to thoroughly integrate into this society. After that impulse faded, he had calmed down, making a cheering gesture to encourage himself.

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