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Chapter 40.1 The typhoon is coming

Lin Qin didn’t notice Meng Chao’s unusualness as he sat on the bed, wiping his hair with a dry towel. Seeing Meng Chao still sitting there, he asked curiously, “Meng Chao Ge, won’t you take a bath?”

Meng Chao exhaled, then said: “I haven’t finished the things at hand, I’ll take a bath later.”

He didn’t dare stand up now, because as soon as he did, Lin Qin would find out. It wasn’t shyness, he was just afraid of making Lin Qin shy.

With the way Lin Qin looked, at the moment he had left, he had already said goodbye to his five fingers.

Lin Qin didn’t doubt him at all and after drying his hair, he took out his cell phone and leaned on the bed to scroll through Weibo. He looked calm, but in fact, his whole person was very restless. He couldn’t vent this restlessness in the real world, so he used his private Weibo account to vent.

Chao Chao’s Qin Qin: Ah ah ah, I’m in the same room as my male god. What should I do, my heart seems to be about to jump out.

Chao Chao’s Qin Qin: I took a bath just now, the glass was frosted. I don’t know if my male god saw anything, just thinking about it makes me feel very shy.

Meng Chao naturally didn’t know what Lin Qin was doing at the moment. After calming down his desire, he got up, took out his clothes from the suitcase and went into the bathroom.

However, he deliberately stopped at the door of the bathroom, leaned over and said to Lin Qin, “I don’t mind if you watch me bath.”

Lin Qin’s face turning red, he grabbed a pillow and threw it at Meng Chao who laughed as he entered the bathroom.

After the sound of water in the bathroom came, Lin Qin’s attention could no longer be focused on his cell phone. His eyes left his control as he kept on glancing at the frosted glass, vaguely seeing Meng Chao’s slender and powerful body.

Meng Chao’s back was to Lin Qin, his perfect figure in an inverted triangle shape, straight down was his buttocks, and then a pair of straight long legs.


Lin Qin couldn’t help swallowing, throat rolling, he even forgot to take his eyes off.

Seeing that Meng Chao was about to turn around, Lin Qin quickly turned his eyes back to his cell phone, his whole body turning red. Then Lin Qin discovered, was he that perverted?

Unable to help looking back at the bathroom, Lin Qin ah ah ah ah’eed a few times in his heart, then quickly pulled up the quilt to cover himself.

But his heart seemed to be itchy, as if a feather was tickling it. He picked up his cell phone again and transferred all his emotions to his private Weibo account.

Chao Chao’s Qin Qin: I saw my male god naked, my male god is really handsome, his figure is so good, I seem to be unable to control myself.

Chao Chao’s Qin Qin: I seem to want to touch it, I don’t know if my male god’s muscles are hard? I’m so curious, what should I do? What if I can’t help it tonight?

The more Lin Qin thought about it, the more he felt that he couldn’t vent anymore. In the end, there was only a series of ah ah ah emoji’s on the Weibo account, all of Lin Qin’s feelings included in it.

Coming out after he had finished bathing, he saw Lin Qin hiding himself inside the quilt, shrunken into a ball, and he didn’t know what he was doing inside the quilt as he looked like he was wriggling gently from the outside, looking very cute.

He moved over to stand there and reached for the quilt. “Qin Qin, don’t you think it’s stuffy inside?”

Lin Qin lifted a corner of the quilt, poking his fluffy head out, and seeing that Meng Chao was fully dressed, lifted the quilt in relief.

Meng Chao couldn’t help raising a brow, but he was somewhat clear in his heart. Looking at Lin Qin’s skin that looked like the color of a cooked shrimp, he guessed that he had seen him taking a bath.

An idea creeping up, Meng Chao leaned down and chuckled in Lin Qin’s ear as he asked: “Qin Qin, are you satisfied with my figure?”

“I don’t know!” These three words were almost roared out, and Lin Qin who had managed to come out of the quilt with difficulty, got back in again, his body hot and feverish.

When Meng Chao saw this, he pulled the quilt, saying coaxingly “Qin Qin, my hair is still wet, can you help me dry it?”

A muffled voice came from the quilt. “Do it yourself.”

“But I want Qin Qin to help me.” Meng Chao had never cared about his face in front of Lin Qin.

Where was Lin Qin able to fight this? He twisted the quilt, crawled out and said with a blush, “Give me a towel, sit down.”

Meng Chao um’ed happily and sat in front of Lin Qin, allowing him to dry his hair.

Lin Qin’s movements were gentle and naturally, Meng Chao enjoyed it.

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