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Chapter 49

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Chu Hong was aware of the harm Fang Ming Hui had caused Lin Qin, and she also knew what Lin Qin had endured in the past.

When Meng Chao had asked her that day, she’d lied. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Meng Chao, she just felt that this was a crucial part of Lin Qin’s history, albeit filled with ugliness, and that it should be Lin Qin who should tell him about it personally.

She even felt that if one day Lin Qin confided in Meng Chao about this matter himself, then he would truly be rescued from that past and really healed.

It was also because she knew that Fang Ming Hui was the mastermind behind that dark period that Chu Hong wished he would stay far away and never appear in front of Lin Qin.

However when it came to Fang Ming Hui coming to record the show, Chu Hong didn’t hide it from Lin Qin. Instead, during lunch break, she asked him to meet her.

In the bamboo grove, aside from the sound of the wind rustling the bamboo leaves, it was utterly peaceful.

Chu Hong had already told Lin Qin about Fang Ming Hui and was waiting for him to make his own decision. What’s more given his current status, it wasn’t impossible for him to refuse someone coming to the show.

Lin Qin was silent for several minutes that Chu Hong who was waiting on the side couldn’t help but say anxiously, “If you don’t want him to come, I can start working on it right now.”

Lin Qin shook his head hurriedly, “No need, just let him come.”

Chu Hong was shocked. “Lin Qin, you…”

Lin Qin smiled brightly, “Since it’s all in the past, what’s the harm in facing it again? Besides…” He looked towards the villa, his gaze soft yet determined, “It’s time to say goodbye to the past.”

Hearing this, Chu Hong reached out excitedly to hug him, forgetting for a moment that he had a resistance to physical contact.

It was only when she hugged him that she realized this and was just about to pull away when she felt his hand patting her back. And aside from the initial stiffness, it was only a momentary gesture.

Lin Qin, “Cousin, thank you for being with me all these years.”

Chu Hong couldn’t hold back her happy tears. “It’s nothing, nothing at all. You getting better is the best thing. Aunt and Uncle will be so happy.”

Lin Qin’s parents had always felt guilty about what had happened to him in the past. If only they had taken the time to listen to him back then, he wouldn’t have ended up in this situation.

Now, if they knew that he was gradually getting better, they would undoubtedly be as happy as she was.

When it came to his parents, Lin Qin felt a hint of bitterness in his heart. It was impossible not to harbor some resentment, but over the years, he had also seen their attempts to make amends, so his feelings towards them were still very conflicted.

Chu Hong, realizing she had misspoken, didn’t say much more. After letting go of him, she gave him an encouraging gesture, “You can do it! You still have Movie Emperor Meng!”

“En.” Lin Qin blushed, but the sweetness in his eyes was evident.

Chu Hong felt her teeth ache from the sweetness and mentally prepared herself to be force fed more dog food in the future.

After all this, the two of them returned to the villa. Meng Chao was sitting in the living room reading a book, and when he saw them return, he didn’t ask why but just smiled at Lin Qin.

Meng Chao’s smile meant a lot to Lin Qin, giving him immense courage and sitting on the handle of Meng Chao’s chair, he rested against him gently, their skin barely touching, but he felt incomparably content.

And reaching out, Meng Chao pulled him onto his lap.

Usually, they were very restrained in front of the camera, but there were moments when they couldn’t help themselves, like now.

Of course, Meng Chao was always confident and unconcerned about the presence of the camera, while Lin Qin remained somewhat shy. However, he couldn’t resist the urge in his heart to be close to Meng Chao, so he allowed Meng Chao to lead the way.

In the tranquil afternoon, the two of them held each other tightly, feeling like the present moment was peaceful, and that time was on their side.

The director in front of the monitor silently enjoyed some ‘dog food’ then shed tears for the video editor for a few minutes.

Editing in a way that captured the ambiguity of their relationship while not making it seem too real was going to be the video editor’s biggest professional challenge.

The guests arrived early the next morning.

The guests this time matched the information Chu Hong had heard. One was the recently popular young actor Yi Ran, known for his rising popularity and the other was the president of Hai Chao Electronic Technology Co., Fang Ming Hui, who claimed to be half a part of the entertainment industry.

Fang Ming Hui was notorious for his playboy reputation and his lack of ‘dietary restrictions’, having been linked romantically with a range of individuals from internet celebrities to young actors and actresses in the entertainment industry. Gossip columns featuring him were a regular occurrence in the entertainment world headlines.

Many netizens couldn’t stand him, but what could they do? The Fang family was a renowned real estate developer in the country, and Fang Ming Hui himself was quite capable, successfully managing his electronics technology company.

Moreover, he had good looks and portrayed the domineering CEO persona. Many young girls nowadays liked his style, and they constantly debated what kind of person could make this playboy settle down. Online platforms were flooded with BL romance and romance novels inspired by Fang Ming Hui’s character.

That was why, in this day and age, having looks and wealth sometimes equated to righteousness.

It was worth mentioning that when Jin Feiyun first returned to the country, she publicly announced Fang Ming Hui as her boyfriend, however their relationship lasted less than a month in the public eye before pictures of Fang Ming Hui with another young actor who had also returned to the country, in a rather intimate pose, seemingly kissing, surfaced.

The car stopped on the mountain road and Fang Ming Hui and Yi Ran got out of the car, as there was still a stretch of mountain path to walk from the car to the villa. According to Meng Ke, since it was a return to nature, they should do it decently.

The staff in front were guiding them on how to walk and reminding them to watch their step.

It had rained just last night, hence the mountain path was still damp and somewhat slippery.

As soon as Yi Ran’s foot touched the yellow soil, his brows wrinkled then he complained, “How come your production team chose this place? Selecting such a remote and desolate location, is your boss out of his mind?”

He said it in a tone he seemed as if he was joking, however the disdain in his tone couldn’t be concealed.

The staff didn’t respond, however they didn’t offer any reminders this time. The result? Yi Ran stepped into a small puddle of stagnant water, dirtying his white sneakers and slipping in the process.

Fortunately, Fang Ming Hui, who was nearby, reached out quickly to support him, preventing him from falling face-first.

Yi Ran wanted to say something, however a cool glance from Fang Ming Hui made him close his mouth aggrievedly.

After walking for a few more minutes, they finally saw the villa ahead, and seeing that it was indeed a villa and not the thatched hut he had imagined, Yi Ran’s expression improved a bit.

For the part of the journey just now, those who knew they were coming for ‘We Are Together’ were fine, however those who didn’t know would think they were here to participate in ‘Survivor’.

Lin Qin and Meng Chao, after hearing that the guests had arrived, stood in the yard to welcome them, and it was unknown what they said to each other, but Lin Qin’s lips curved into a smile, his eyes sparkling as if filled with twinkling stars.

And seeing him from a distance, Fang Ming Hui couldn’t help but be enchanted.

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