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Chapter 33.1 The frustrated singer

In the evening, Meng Ke sent the information of the star he had inserted in to Meng Chao.

Indeed, as Meng Ke had said, the other party was a singer named Han Zhi who had made a splash in the entertainment industry two years ago. He wrote and composed songs all over the country.

After his song became popular, he was in line with the current aesthetics and it was reasonable to say that Han Zhi should be in the rising period of his career, but then he fell silent and then there was no such person in the circle.

But now that he had appeared again, what was his relationship with Meng Ke? Meng Chao didn’t understand.

He sent Meng Ke a WeChat.

Meng Chao: What is your relationship with Han Zhi? Aren’t you least accustomed to certain transactions in this circle? How come you’re suddenly paving the way for a little star?

Meng Ke quickly replied to Meng Chao.

Meng Ke: It’s just like what you’re thinking.

Meng Chao: What exactly is going on?

Meng Ke: I can’t clarify everything in a message, when I’m done with what I’m busy with, I’ll call you.

Meng Chao: OK.

Half an hour later, Meng Ke’s phone call came in. He explained the situation concerning Han Zhi to Meng Chao in a concise manner.

It turned out that the reason Han Zhi suddenly disappeared more than two years ago when he was in the upswing of his career wasn’t because he chose to retreat, but because he had been buried by his company.

Han Zhi graduated from Zhenger Ba Jing Conservatory College of Music, it was a well-known music college abroad. He was from an orthodox family and after returning to the country, he was swindled by a friend and signed up to a small workshop studio.

It hadn’t been easy for him to write a song that made him become famous, but at that time he was fancied by the big boss of a company who was forcefully trying to be his backer.

Han Zhi was proud and was talented, but he was tricked by his agent into a wine room. As the big boss was trying to take advantage of him, he beat him up and left the scene.

The big boss got angry and directly made the company block Han Zhi.

Just like this, Han Zhi, who had just emerged, was like a flash in the pan. The entertainment industry changed very quickly every time so Han Zhi who hadn’t appeared in the public view for more than two years, was forgotten.

At this point, Meng Chao knew that Han Zhi was the epitome of some people in this circle. They were talented and capable, but when faced with the entertainment circle’s aspect that was filled with indulgence in sensual pleasures, they would rather not be famous than sell themselves. Such people deserved respect.

However, Meng Chao was still a little puzzled. “Then why did he agree to allow you to support him, because you’re handsome?”

Meng Ke denied, “Because of some misinformation, I slept with him.”

When Meng Chao heard Meng Ke’s tone that held a bit of guilty, he politely exposed Meng’s disguise, “It shouldn’t be that you unilaterally announced it, but Han Zhi didn’t take it seriously right?”

There was an awkward cough on the phone and he justified himself weakly, “I didn’t announce it, I estimated that he would be used as a commodity for other people to choose from, I’m just helping him!” The more he spoke, the more confident Meng Yue became.

Meng Chao reluctantly accepted Meng Ke’s explanation, but he didn’t agree with Meng Ke’s approach.

Meng Ke: “Anyway, when he comes over, help me take care of him a little more.”

“No problem.” Meng Chao added, “Could it be that there are certain resources in my hands that I will have to provide for him in the future?”

Meng Ke said matter of factly:” Of course.”

Meng Chao chuckled:” Big brother, your calculation is quite shrewd.” You slept with the person, but the results was that he had come to take compensation from his side, Meng Ke really thought of him as his own.

Meng Ke laughed, “Who made you my little brother?”

The two brothers spoke for a while then hung up.

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