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Chapter 47.2 Skilled

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In comparison, Zhao Qin’s journey was much smoother compared to Jiang He’s challenges on this path.

She was attractive, was a second-generation star and her parents were very famous veteran actors and actresses. At a young age, she appeared in popular TV shows, became the nation’s sweetheart and now had no shortage of opportunities.

But a seemingly smooth life didn’t always mean it was trouble free.

Growing up on sets, her parents were busy with their careers, leaving her to fend for herself, and the nanny who was supposed to take care of her went against her wishes, being lazy when her parents weren’t home. In order to survive, Zhao Qin learned to wash clothes and cook at the age of five, standing on a small stool by the stove.

Zhao Qin’s initial liking for acting wasn’t because she found it fun, but because she mistakenly believed that if she acted, someone would take care of her, and she’d get a warm meal.

The heartache behind the glamor remained unnoticed by most.

Wu Zhenzhen and He Chuan Song’s lives weren’t as glamorous as they appeared either, each having their own struggles and stories. He Chuan Song accidentally spilled water on a young celebrity during filming, and for over a month, the fans of that celebrity scolded him online relentlessly, saying he should leave the entertainment industry. Every day, his Weibo had been filled with these messages.

Wu Zhenzhen’s situation was even more absurd. Because of a picture taken on set with a married male co-star, rumors of his infidelity circulated that month, and the media jumped to conclusions, labeling her as a home-wrecker. For a while, her Weibo comments section was filled with hurtful words.

That year, Wu Zhenzhen was only sixteen, and it was also the year she disappeared from the public eye for an entire year as she was diagnosed with depression and spent a year at home, healing.

Lying in bed, Lin Qin went through the words of the four youngsters in his head, thinking about how the smiles on their faces hadn’t been forced when they spoke of their pasts. They really saw all their hardships as experiences that made them stronger and better.

Which was why today, while they were chatting, they could talk openly about these dark pasts. They knew that ahead of them, there was a brighter future waiting.

Suddenly, Lin Qin envied them, wishing he could face his past so openly and say goodbye to it with strength.

Yet, he could only remain trapped in the past, even losing his future because of it.

He tossed and turned until he heard a knock.

Checking the time, he saw that it was already past two in the morning. Who could be coming over so late?

The incident with Jin Feiyun had left a shadow in his heart, so he didn’t rush to open the door. Instead, he walked to the door, leaned against it, and asked, “Who is it?”

His cautious appearance was really cute.

“Qin Qin, it’s me.”

Meng Chao’s low voice came from outside the door. Lin Qin sighed in relief and opened the door.

Meng Chao, wearing pajamas, smiled outside the door and said playfully, “I knew you couldn’t sleep, so I came over to climb your bed.”

Meng Chao thought his words would make Lin Qin shy, unexpectedly his Qin Qin had become a little skilled, even responding playfully replied, “You’re welcome to climb the bed.”

Although Lin Qin’s voice was as quiet as a mosquito’s buzz and his face turned red when he said this, Meng Chao couldn’t help but be teased.

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