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Chapter 65 Principles don’t align

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Whenever Meng Chao was on a break, his agent usually wouldn’t come to bother him, and the past half-month counted as his downtime, hence his agent didn’t show up.

If it wasn’t because he had come to pick him up today for the filming of a new movie at the film Studio, he wouldn’t have known that Meng Chao and Lin Qin were already living together!!!

Meng Chao didn’t like too many people around him when he was working, so during the filming of ‘We Are Together’, he didn’t stick with Meng Chao and only listened to reports from Meng Chao’s assistant who it seems had told him something like Meng Chao and Lin Qin were together.

Of course he had heard before that Meng Chao wanted to date Lin Qin, and he had expressed opposition back then. What a joke. Meng Chao was on the rise now, if his relationship was exposed, it would do him more harm than good.

What’s more Meng Chao and Lin Qin acting as if they were very close during the filming of ‘We Are Together’ had just been for hyping the reality show.

But who would have thought that Meng Chao would turn something that was fake into something real and even bring Lin Qin home? He definitely wouldn’t allow this!

Meng Chao didn’t pay any attention to his agent’s shout as he brought Lin Qin to his side, saying with a smile, “I was just about to tell you that Lin Qin and I are dating.” Then after thinking about it for a moment, he added, “Dating with the goal of getting married.”

The country had already passed the same-sex marriage law, so that was what they were aiming for.

Meng Chao’s tone was calm, however if one listened closely, they would be able to hear a slight hint of seriousness, warning the agent about what to say and what not to say.

Meng Chao had his own studio, and so was his own boss. His so-called agent was just a figurehead, so if he wanted to, he could dismiss him at anytime.

His agent also realized that he had overstepped, as he didn’t have a say in front of Meng Chao, so he immediately hid his disapproval and anger and became submissive. “Then do you need me to take Mr. Lin back?”

He still didn’t know that Lin Qin and Meng Chao were going to be acting in the same movie, and so was thinking that since Meng Chao was going to work at the Film Studio, then Lin Qin should leave.

“There’s no need.” Meng Chao told him, “Qin Qin is coming with me.”

His agent disapproved of this immediately. “Meng Chao, you’re going to work, not to date. If Film Emperor Lin goes with you, what will others think of him?”

He knew he couldn’t convince Meng Chao from his perspective, so he tried to appeal to him by using Lin Qin. As long as Meng Chao cared about him, he would definitely not take Lin Qin out in such a high-profile manner.

“Am I someone who can’t separate personal and professional matters?” Meng Chao asked with a frown. “Lin Qin is the other male lead in this movie, he’s also going to work.”

Choking on the words he had just been about to say, he could only make an ‘oh’ sound unwillingly.

Ignoring him, Meng Chao and Lin Qin left the room after packing up, walking to the car parked in front of the door.

The agent watched their backs and couldn’t help but grit his teeth. Why should Lin Qin be able to stand by Meng Chao’s side? Why should he, who had been guarding Meng Chao for so many years, have to yield to Lin Qin?

Lin Qin was very sensitive, especially to malicious looks from others, hence he was able to feel the malevolent gaze piercing through him from behind, as if trying to see through him.

Causing him to stagger, and immediately noticing his unease, Meng Chao reached out to pull him into the car, asking as he did so, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Qin thought about it for a moment, then decided not to say anything. Meng Chao’s eyes, however, fell on his agent, and because the agent didn’t have the time to hide his resentful look, Meng Chao caught it.

Meng Chao’s eyes darkened slightly, however he didn’t say anything, and pretending not to have seen it, he leaned down to fasten Lin Qin’s seatbelt, then right in front of him, exchanged a passionate, wet kiss with Lin Qin.

Causing the agent who had just been about to follow behind them to stumble and nearly fall, his heart feeling as if it was being hit by a heavy hammer, an intense raw ache coming from it.

What hurt even more was that the moment he reached the side of the car, Meng Chao slammed the car door shut with a bang, then rolling a window down, said to him, “There’s no need for you to follow, let Xiao He go with me.”

Then, the window was rolled up ruthlessly, leaving him standing alone on the side of the road, glaring fiercely at the disappearing car.

Lin Qin looked back at the agent, then asked Meng Chao, “Is this really okay?”

The expression on Meng Chao’s face was indifferent. “Our principles don’t align, so it’s only a matter of time before we part ways.”

Lin Qin wasn’t a saint, so he stopped asking questions.

Holding his hand, Meng Chao squeezed it, “You don’t have to worry, I won’t let him harm you.”

“I trust you.” Lin Qin wasn’t worried at all.

When they arrived at the airport, Chu Hong was already waiting for them, and seeing them, she looked at Lin Qin up and down teasingly then whistled, “You’ve been having a good time this past half-month, haven’t you?”

Blushing a deep red, Lin Qin stood behind Meng Chao.

Meng Chao caressed his hair, looking at him with a doting expression.

And seeing that Lin Qin had someone to protect him, Chu Hong stopped teasing him. However she was really happy for the gradually recovering Lin Qin.

During the wait for their flight, she sat beside Lin Qin and told him about the reactions to the episode of ‘We Are Together’ that had been aired the day before, and one could tell that she was in a good mood, as she spoke rapidly without pause, an indirect indication that the reception of ‘We Are Together’ was very positive.

And his curiosity piqued by Chu Hong’s excitement, Lin Qin switched his phone on then checked the trending topics on Weibo, four of which were related to ‘We Are Together’.

One of them, with the name #An Interior Designer Who Can’t Act Isn’t Little Rabbit Aisin Gioro#, was at the top of the trending list.

Little Rabbit Aisin Gioro, this was the nickname that netizens had given Lin Qin after his background became known, however he didn’t mind it. He clicked on the hashtag and found discussions about his magical hands that could transform an empty living room into a cozy, warm homely space.

[I also want an interior designer like Little Rabbit Lin!!!]

[Upstairs wake up, you can’t afford Little Rabbit Aisin Gioro.]

[My child is so amazing, is he a jack of all trades? So impressive, mom is so proud!!!] ← This was a mom fan.

Lin Qin originally had mom fans, however they weren’t numerous. Most of his fans were either career fans or cp fans. However after ‘We Are Together’ aired yesterday, many fans spontaneously transformed into mom fans because Lin Qin’s helplessness in front of the camera at the beginning was really too cute and stirred up their maternal instincts.

Chu Hong leaned in, then seeing his brows furrowing a little because of a particular comment, she laughed, then patted her little cousin’s shoulder. “Congratulations, you’ve gained two million mom fans across the entire internet.”

Two million mom fans? What was this all about? Lin Qin was confused.

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