Falling in love with the male god

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Chapter 43.2 The best

Although he was somewhat speechless after thanking the auntie, he continued to ask for directions.

At the beginning, as he asked for directions, he was very nervous but after asking a few people in a row, it seemed as if he had stepped over a certain obstacle and as he asked more and more people, it went very smoothly and in the end he wasn’t nervous at all.

Lin Qin’s images were taken back to the bamboo villa through the camera behind him.

Meng Chao and the director were sitting in front of the camera, watching Lin Qin’s every move.

At the beginning, the director had been worried. With Lin Qin’s character would he really dare to ask for directions? Wouldn’t it be late and he’d still not be able to find the place?

Meng Chao had also been worried, but he didn’t show it, looking very calm. But the director knew he was nervous too, as the blue veins jumping on his neck betrayed him.

The director asked: “Will this really work?” He had never thought that the recording would become a way to treat Lin Qin.

“I believe him.” Meng Chao said categorically. His eyes stared at the camera screen for a moment, his eyes never leaving Lin Qin. He already knew that Lin Qin had tried his best to overcome his psychological fear and nervousness to contact stranger after stranger.

In the treatment of social phobia, there was a type of exposure treatment, that is to put the patient in a variety of environments that could cause anxiety and fear and to cause anxiety indefinitely. Until the patient, in such an environment calmed down his emotions thus serving the purpose of the treatment.

Lin Qin was most afraid of communication and contact with people, and now he had to communicate with others, or even take the initiative to do so. At first his tension and fear would definitely continue to rise, and when these emotions reach their peak, he would realise that it seems that nothing else would happen if he communicated with others. Overtime, he would get used to the fear and tension but he would no longer have such emotions. After having contact with strangers, he would have a much more easier time, even remembering this feeling, and later, he wouldn’t have conflicts with such things.

This was Meng Chao’s purpose, and obviously, Lin Qin had completed this task very well.

Meng Chao so through the monitor that Lin Qin had reached the Panshan Road intersection, and knowing that he had successfully completed the task, could no longer sit still. He said to the director : “I’m going to pick him up.” And just as his words fell, he left with his long legs.

The director looked at Meng Chao’s hurried back and shook his head, smiling.

When Lin Qin arrived at the intersection after asking for directions, he saw a car parked there, with Meng Chao leaning against the car door in the sun.

Lin Qin couldn’t help but speed up his pace, running towards Meng Chao, and a few steps in front of Meng Chao, he felt that all his fatigue and summer heat had suddenly dissipated.

Lin Qin: “Meng Chao Ge, I’ve found you.”

Meng Chao, not caring that Lin Qin’s hair was wet with sweat, reached out to rub his hair, smiling: “I just knew that my boy is the best.”

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