Falling in love with the male god

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Chapter 38.2 Tone deaf couple

Perharps before today, they didn’t know who the man who possessed the voice of nature was, but after today, they knew that this man was called Han Zhi.

He had a good voice that could grab people’s attention instantly and he had an emotional interpretation that could resonate with the audience and immerse them in his singing.

He was Han Zhi, a singer born for music.

Han Zhi felt heat in his eyes and raised his head so that the tears wouldn’t slip down, the tears rolling in his eyes.

His heart warmed. After two years of cold winter, he had finally ushered in the spring again with his persistence.

So this improvised song, after being processed by Han Zhi, was released under the name ‘Winter’, which swept through the various music charts, witness to the return of Han Zhi.

After the cold winter was spring, as long as you didn’t give up, you could always survive the severe cold and usher in the spring sun.

Tonight’s concert was a complete success. With the exception of Lin Chin and Meng Chao who were tone deaf, that didn’t go up again, the stage was handed over to Han Zhi and Chen Jing Qing.

Chen Jing Qing could be regarded as an all-round singer, whether it was rap, rock or lyrical slow song, Chen Jing Qing could perform. Everyone thought that Han Zhi’s voice was only suitable for singing slow love songs, but when they listened to his rock songs, although his voice was a little hoarse, it sounded unique and fascinating.

At the end of the concert, Chen Jing Qing and Meng Chao won. They got the seafood dinner prepared by the show team for dinner and as the losers, Lin Qin and Han Zhi only got two conch, um, the size of a little finger.

The show crew didn’t ask the audience not to reveal the song, so by the end of the song, videos were already flying online.

The official Weibo of the program crew also took advantage of this east wind to send a Weibo post —

We are together official Weibo v: coming from the microphone, disdain / disdain / disdain for the tone deaf individuals [picture]

The picture was of two microphones put together and then an arrow on top, with three words written above it — microphone wasn’t on.

At first fans and passersby didn’t know what the picture meant until a viewer who had listened to the entire concert live commented below.

[Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I said it, how come I couldn’t hear the voices of the two movie emperors at the scene? It turns out the two movie emperors are actually tone deaf, little editor, is your skin so thick? Turning around to sell the movie emperors like this.]

After this explanation from the audience, fans went back to listen to the video clips from the concert and found that there was no sound from Lin Qin and Meng Chao, so the style of the comment area was like this–

[I finally found my daddy Meng’s weakness!! Daddy Meng is finally not a perfect person, he is tone deaf, ha ha ha, this has made me smile!!!]

[Isn’t the most important point that little rabbit Lin is also tone deaf? The whole family is in perfectly good order]

As a result, after getting stir fried vegetables, this wonderful cp name, Lin Qin and Meng Chao also got another, tone deaf couple.

However, this video caused a lot of discussions that wasn’t about Lin Qin and Meng Chao, nor the god level Chen Jing Qing. It was about Han Zhi who fascinated them as soon as he opened his mouth.

Even if the recording device was a cell phone, even if there was noise all around, once you clicked on the video, you would still be attracted by Han Zhi’s heavenly like voice, making you admire it greatly.

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