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Chapter 20.2 Climbing the wrong bed

It seemed that the number of stir-fried green vegetables would grow in the future after the broadcast of ‘We are together’ to support Meng Chao and Lin Qin, growing to be more than half of Meng Chao and Lin Qin’s fans put together, and this pair of real-life cp fans with the unique name ‘stir-fried green vegetables’, would make people laugh and also love it.

.… Of course, these are words to be said later on.

After Meng Chao sent this post, he turned his cell phone in again. As for what would happen later, Meng Chao wasn’t curious.

Lin Qin didn’t have a cell phone during the whole process so he naturally didn’t know what was happening online. When he saw the director calling Meng Chao, he thought something had happened so when he saw Meng Chao coming back, he looked at him anxiously.

Meng Chao shook his head at him, “It’s okay.”

Lin Qin was relieved.

Zhang Yue’s cell phone hadn’t been confiscated so when his agent texted him to be careful of Jin Feiyun, Zhang Yue wondered what had happened. After opening Weibo and following the vine to the melon for more than ten minutes, he understood the cause and effect. He made a decisive decision in his heart to separate himself from Jin Feiyun.

Zhang Yue was very clear about his status. Taking the route of an actor, he politely declined the way of getting instant popularity by creating hype, so he took more precautions against Jin Feiyun in his heart, although he knew that Jin Feiyun probably looked down on his status, probably also thinking that associating with him would lead to a plummeting in fame.

Of course he couldn’t change what others thought of him, but as long as he stuck to his principles, it was enough.

After the recording, Jin Feiyun pretended as if nothing had happened. She spoke when she should and laughed when she should, behaving very naturally. 

However observant and conscientious people could see that although the online hype made Jin Feiyun was being ridiculed by groups online, in the next recording, don’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional she still stuck to Meng Chao’s side. A mouthful of sweet Senior Mengs coming from her, making the people around get goosebumps.

Lin Qin was puzzled and a little bit upset. Fortunately, Meng Chao didn’t pay attention to Jin Feiyun and maintained a gentleman’s distance from beginning to end, extremely distant.

Later, when Lin Qin learned from Chu Hong what had happened, he was surprised for a long time, suddenly knowing why Jin Feiyun kept sticking to Meng Chao.

However he couldn’t understand Jin Feiyun’s approach and he couldn’t even figure out what Jin Feiyun would gain by doing so. She now had a bad reputation, only having gotten an immediate benefit but not the long term one, what was the point?

It wasn’t strange that Lin Qin found it difficult to understand. He was born in a wealthy family and was the only child of his parents. There was no situation of contending for and seizing of power and the environment he had grown in was relatively simple, except for that period in high school that had made him suffer from social terror, other times he had lived in a happy and delicate environment. Even in the entertainment industry, because of his relationship with his father, he was well protected. If he wanted to star in a movie, top-level resources were sent to him. Naturally, he wouldn’t see the dark side of the entertainment industry.

Actually Jin Feiyun’s behavior was the norm in the circle, it was only that this was the first time Lin Qin was seeing it.

He marveled at human nature, but wasn’t so holy that blame Jin Feiyun for what she did. After all, everyone had their own way of living, and Lin Qin had no right to interfere and he didn’t want to interfere.

However, a wall had already been erected in his heart, keeping Jin Feiyun behind it, far away.

If Jin Feiyun went silent after the clarification Weibo posted by Meng Chao, then Meng Chao wasn’t to be blamed. After all, he had been in this circle for a long time and was used to their tricks, if everything else couldn’t be blamed on somebody, then this couldn’t be either.

However, Jin Feiyun seemed to have eaten the scales and iron heart of a dragon and with the power given to her by her cell phone, determined to take this opportunity to tangle herself up with Meng Chao. To this end, she didn’t hesitate to do things like climbing his bed at night.

But she didn’t expect to have gotten the wrong bed, entering Lin Qin’s room…

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