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Chapter 37.2 Voice of Nature

Han Zhi came over and patted Chen Jing Qing on the shoulder, as if comforting him.

Although Han Zhi’s position wasn’t as high as the three present, he had a good character. With the exception of being a little arrogant and not humble in terms of dealing with the world, his EQ was quite high, so after a day of getting along, whether it was with the two movie emperors or the music legend, he completely didn’t have the feeling of being excluded at all.

Moreover, Chen Jing Qing’s appreciation of Han Zhi was beyond words. He had even exchanged contact information with Han Zhi and asked Han Zhi to call him ‘Ge’.

Nevertheless, Han Zhi had some respect for Chen Jin Qing, not feeling that he was on an equal footing with him.

Because of his rare thoroughness and because he was really talented, Chen Jing Qing was also willing to help Han Zhi.

As the host began the concert, Meng Chao and Chen Jing Qing took to the stage.

There was no doubt that this small stage was puny compared to Chen Jing Qing’s concert that had millions of people. But as long as there was only one fan in the audience, Chen Jing Qing would do his best to perform well with gratitude. For so many years since his debut, no one song was perfunctory.

Fans gave him their sincerity, he could only do his best work to give back his sincerity.

This was one of the reasons why Chen Jing Qing could grow so famous in this circle. Of course, the main reason was Chen Jing Qing’s work. His work was good enough to retain fans and even attract more fans.

Although the song they were singing on the stage had been rushed out in the afternoon, every note and every drum beat was full of Chen Jing Qing’s awe and gratitude.

Due to time constraint, the song still had some flaws in it, but the 100% interpretation of Chen Jing Qing was the most perfect performance in the hearts of fans.

And Meng Chao, this tone deaf individual…

He was lip-syncing.

Following through the whole process of the song, his mouth was just opening and closing. It really looked like he was singing, but listening carefully, one wouldn’t be able to hear his voice.

This long-known well renowned movie emperor whose fame was spread wide and far, in order not to expose his attributes of being tone deaf, brought out his movie emperor acting skills on the stage, following Chen Jing Qing as he lip-synced.

However, the atmosphere at the scene was very heated because of Chen Jing Qing so no one discovered that the movie emperor was lip-syncing.

But Lin Qin, who was paying attention to Meng Chao throughout the whole process, discovered it.

His mouth opened slightly, such a thing could be done? Could he also do the same thing?

As if Han Zhi saw Lin Qin’s thoughts, he said loudly in Lin Qin’s ear: “I prepared a solo for you, are you ready?”

Lin Qin and Meng Chao had been together for a long time and he had more or less been infected by some of Meng Chao’s bad habits, “What did you say? I can’t hear you!”

Han Zhi: “…”

He didn’t believe that Lin Qin was unable to hear, so he said, “Anyway, I’ve told you what I should have said. If you freeze on the stage later on, then we would have to say goodbye to the seafood dinner!”

Lin Qin: “I can’t hear you!”

Han Zhi looked at Lin Qin. You pretend, continue to pretend, when you get onto the stage later, I’ll see how you’ll pretend!

Time seemed to be compressed and in a flash, Lin Qin and Han Zhi came onto the stage.

The moment he arrived on the stage, Lin Qin felt that difficulty again and he began to have difficulty breathing. He looked down the stage and saw Meng Chao standing there.

When Meng Chao gave him a thumbs up, Lin Qin could clearly feel the encouragement in his eyes in the dark.

For a moment, all tension disappeared.

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