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Chapter 60 It’s all in the past

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In the end, both Chu Ge and Lin Cheng Du respected Lin Qin’s wishes and allowed Lin Qin to leave with Meng Chao.

However before that, they had to record an ending scene, and that was, even though Lin Qin and Meng Chao were leaving together in the end, the show had to depict them parting with reluctance.

Both of them were accomplished actors, so portraying this state came naturally.

After the final scene was shot, and the first season of “We Are Together” was successfully recorded, there was supposed to be a celebration. However, it had to be canceled because of last night’s events.

Lin Qin and Meng Chao stood on a winding mountain road, seeing off the production team, then they looked at Chu Ge and Lin Cheng Du who were standing on the side watching them with earnest expressions.

“Baby.” Chu Ge called out anxiously, using the nickname she had used for Lin Qin when he was a child, “Are you really not going back with Mom?”

What she didn’t say was that she had taken her annual leave this year to be able to accompany Lin Qin on an impromptu trip.

Lin Cheng Du, not one to be outdone, added, “Xiao Qin, go back with Dad. I’ll have some excellent scripts for you to choose from.”

He knew his son’s passion for acting and was determined to provide him with the best.

But even so, he knew he wouldn’t be able to make up for the past.

Chu Ge, however, wasn’t pleased with his suggestion. She retorted, “Baby has just finished work and should take a good rest. Why are you still pushing work on him? He’s your son, not a money-making tool!”

Lin Cheng Du felt wronged and replied, “Chu Ge, aren’t you being too harsh? When did I ever consider Xiao Qin a money-making tool? I know he loves acting, so I’m trying to give him the best. But why does it sound like I’m exploiting him when it comes out of your mouth?”

The former husband and wife, just couldn’t agree on anything without arguing. Chu Hong just shrugged on the side. Whenever they met, it was like a clash of titans, each determined to win.

Anyone with keen eyes could see that there were still unresolved feelings between the two. They were just dragging things out, and nobody knew when it would end.

Lin Qin had grown used to it and showed no interest in intervening.

He just said lightly, “I’ll be leaving first.”

At that, the heated ex-couple immediately stopped as if someone had grabbed them by the neck, rendering them silent. It was very effective.

Both of them looked at Lin Qin with a subtle aggrieved look in their eyes.

“Baby, are you really not going back with Mom?”

“Xiao Qin, go back with Dad.”

Lin Qin shook his head and declined, “No, I still have work to do.”

Chu Ge settled for the next best thing, “Then can Mom give you a hug?” When she made this request, she was very cautious. Since Lin Qin started suffering from social anxiety, she hadn’t even had a chance to be alone with him, let alone share a normal mother-son hug.

Lin Qin didn’t answer, and when Chu Ge thought there was no hope, Lin Qin stepped forward and hugged her.

At first, his body was a bit stiff, but once he touched Chu Ge’s body, he relaxed.

Hugging and having contact with others wasn’t as difficult as it seemed.

Suddenly, tears streamed down Chu Ge’s face. How many years had it been since they had hugged each other?

It the end it was she who had let her son down, and so was filled with guilt and self-blame over the years. She tried several times to reach out to Lin Qin, but he had always rejected her in fear. This made her even more aware of the irreparable harm he had suffered during those years.

Several times she thought about Lin Qin’s situation, she couldn’t help but shed tears. After the relationship with her family fell apart, she had struggled alone overseas, enduring the toughest and most exhausting times without shedding a tear.

Only with Lin Qin did she truly feel the weight of her debt.

“Baby, Mom is so sorry.” Chu Ge’s emotions broke, and she hugged Lin Qin, stifling her sobs.

Lin Qin was somewhat at a loss but patted her back gently, comforting her, “It’s okay, Mom. I’m okay.”

After all, she was his mother. During his most painful moments, he had resented her for not coming back to rescue him from the darkness, for leaving him behind.

But now, all that didn’t matter anymore.

Chu Ge cried for a while before stopping, wiping away her tears discreetly.

Lin Cheng Du’s eyes were also hot. He looked up at the swaying tree branches, as if this way, his tears wouldn’t fall.

In the next moment, Lin Qin walked over, opened his arms, and hugged him, saying, “Dad, it’s all in the past.”

Lin Cheng Du couldn’t hold back his tears any longer and said with a choked voice, “Yes, yes, it’s all in the past.”

It was all in the past. Since last night, when Lin Qin had shared everything that had happened in the past with Meng Chao, he realized that when he once again faced that dark past, his emotions were not as turbulent as they once were, and with that, he knew that everything was indeed in the past.

Since it was all in the past, then there was no need for him to use these things to punish himself or those who loved him.

Meng Chao stood on the side, not saying a word.

It was only when Lin Qin walked over that he finally smiled and ruffled Lin Qin’s hair.

Lin Qin smiled, and a warm sunlight just happened to fall on him at this time, causing his whole body to glow.

“Meng Chao Ge, thank you.”

“Fool, what are you thanking me for?”

Thank you for pulling me out of the darkness, thank you for making me feel the warmth of this world again.

Chu Ge and Lin Cheng Du said goodbye to Lin Qin with reluctance, exchanged glances, then snorted before returning to their respective cars and driving away.

On the winding mountain road, they passed by another car, unaware that it carried Yi Ran returning to retrieve his luggage.

Yi Ran stared at the pictures he had just taken on his phone and a sly smile appeared on his face.

He had previously said that there was no way Lin Qin, a newcomer, could secure such good opportunities. Now it seems there was really a big financial backer behind him.

With this thought in mind, he contacted a well-known paparazzi studio and sent the pictures to them.

This was a massive exclusive scoop that any paparazzi would want.

However he received an unexpected response from the studio. They refused to publish his leak.

Yi Ran was confused, so he tried sending the pictures to a few marketing studios, but all of them refused to publish the story. One of them, a studio Yi Ran had a long history of deals with, told him to give up. They explained that the Chairman of the Lin Group didn’t like scandals. There had been a case where a minor celebrity had attempted to use Lin Cheng Du for publicity, and not only was the minor star blacklisted, all the marketing studios that followed suit were banned as well.

With that prior experience, nobody dared to leak rumors about Lin Cheng Du, even if they had concrete evidence.

The entertainment industry truly revolved around capital.

Yi Ran gritted his teeth. Since those cowardly fools didn’t dare do it, he would do it himself!

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