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Chapter 64.1

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It was completely silent in the living room.

The Chu family’s patriarch leaned on his cane, sitting in the main position, unmoved by anything, and beside him sat the eldest of the Chu family. And though he didn’t exude the same imposing aura as the patriarch, looking friendly and approachable, he had after all been in a high position for a long time, hence his presence still left Fang Ming Hui and Father Fang breathless.

Those who could be received personally by the retired Chu family’s patriarch and the Eldest Young Master of the Chu family were few and far between, yet Fang Ming Hui and Father Fang didn’t feel any sense of honor. Instead, they were filled with unease and trepidation.

In their hearts, they couldn’t help but wonder: What exactly had their Fang family done to provoke the Chu family that they would receive them in this manner?

Father Fang, overwhelmed by the formidable aura in the living room, finally couldn’t hold back and asked, “Patriarch Chu, if there’s anything we’ve done to offend your family recently, I apologize, and we will compensate for any losses without hesitation. We only hope that you can be magnanimous and spare us.”

Father Fang, for the sake of the Fang family, begged brazenly, throwing his pride away.

“Forgive you?” A woman’s voice came from behind. Fang Ming Hui and Father Fang turned and saw Chu Ge striding towards them, her face filled with anger and contempt. “Why should I forgive you?”

Father Fang recognized Chu Ge but couldn’t understand the reason behind her anger as she walked towards them. “What does President Chu mean by that?” The Fang family had never had any dealings with the Chu family, so why did it seem like they had committed an unforgivable offense against the Chu family, judging by Chu Ge’s expression?

It had to be known that they definitely didn’t have the guts to confront the Chu family.

Chu Ge let out a light laugh. “That’s something you’ll have to ask your son.” She originally had an important meeting scheduled for today, but when she heard that the Fang father and son were coming over, she postponed it.

And hearing this, Father Fang looked at Fang Ming Hui, and without even asking him a single question, slapped him in the face. “Bastard! What have you done? Apologize immediately!”

How could Father Fang not know his son’s true nature? However although he was extremely overbearing, he was clear on who to touch, who not to touch and who to play with and who not to play with, so how was it possible for him to have provoked the Chu family?

What’s more, the Chu family had always kept a low profile, so even if he were to become much more arrogant, he wouldn’t take the initiative to mess with the Chu family.

Fang Ming Hui was shocked by his father’s slap, however he could only cover his cheek, not daring to get angry and turned to Chu Ge to ask, “Aunt Chu, is there a misunderstanding here?”

“There’s no misunderstanding.” Chu Ge said as she looked at him coldly, “Lin Qin is my son.”

And then she added, “My biological son!”

The words ‘my biological son’ exploded in Fang Ming Hui’s mind like an atomic bomb. Lin Qin was Chu Ge’s son! He was part of the Chu family!

How was this possible? Wasn’t Lin Qin just an ordinary child from an ordinary family? How could he have such a powerful background? Then how come Chu Ge let her own son be bullied in high school?

“You still have the nerve to mention high school.”

It turns out that Fang Ming Hui was so shocked that he blurted out what he was thinking. And Chu Ge was like a bomb, because the moment Fang Ming Hui said this, it ignited, causing an explosive outburst.

“For that incident in high school, my family forgave you because you were still a minor, so we didn’t hold you accountable. But my son, Lin Qin, was subjected to psychological trauma because of the violence you incited in the school. Yet after all these years you still dare to provoke him again. Then don’t blame me for punishing you along with your entire family. It’s your father’s fault that he didn’t raise you well, but if someone in your family had taught you how to be a decent person, you wouldn’t have done such perverse outrageous things!”

Fang Ming Hui’s face was already as pale as dirt, a look of complete despair on his face. If he had known that Lin Qin had such a powerful background back then, he wouldn’t have even had the time to finish fawning over him, so how would he have bullied Lin Qin like that?

“Alright, you guys can leave.” The Chu family’s patriarch, who had been silent up until now finally opened his mouth, and although he was old, the aura he carried from the battlefield hadn’t faded with time. If anything, it had become sharper. “My Chu family won’t let this matter slide.”

Father Fang opened his mouth to defend himself, but the guards that came in drove them away immediately.

And then it was left with only the Chu family members in the living room. The Chu family’s patriarch sighed then asked Chu Ge, “You said Xiao Qin’s condition is much better now, right?”

At the mention of Lin Qin Chu Ge’s voice softened immediately. “Yes, Lin Qin can be considered to have met the right person, and with Meng Chao’s help, he has gradually gotten better. He no longer resists contact with others, and he doesn’t hold much resentment towards Lin Cheng Du and I.” Saying this, Chu Ge’s gaze dimmed slightly.

“It seems that Meng Chao has a positive influence on Lin Qin.” The Chu family’s patriarch couldn’t help but be happy when he heard that Lin Qin’s condition had improved.

The matter of Lin Qin liking Meng Chao wasn’t a secret in the Chu or Lin family, and they all understood and knew the special significance of Meng Chao in Lin Qin’s life.

In fact, the reality show ‘We Are Together’ was initiated by Chu Tian Entertainment and had only two invited guests from the planning stage – Lin Qin and Meng Chao.

The original intention of the entire program was to bring Lin Qin out from his dark past by having him spend time with Meng Chao.

And this decision proved to be correct, because Lin Qin had really come out and embraced the world again.

And this was something everyone was delighted to see.


Chu Ge looked at her delighted father and wasn’t sure if she should bring up the matter now or let it be.

And the Chu family’s patriarch, sensing her hesitation, scolded, “If you have something to say, just say it straight, what’s all that hemming and hawing for!”

After thinking about it again for a moment, Chu Ge decided to tell him, because it was still something he needed to know, so rather than letting him find out on his own later and then be furious, it was better to tell him now so he could be prepared mentally.

After making this decision, Chu Ge became more decisive. “Dad, it’s like this, Xiao Qin and Meng Chao are…” Chu Ge hesitated here, unable to find a suitable word. Calling them a couple might be too shocking for the old man, and yet, other milder words didn’t seem quite right.

“You mean they’ve fallen in love after being together for a time, right?” Compared to Chu Ge’s dilemma, the old man was much more straightforward and caught what she didn’t say.

Chu Ge nodded repeatedly. “That’s the gist of it.”

Chu Ge thought the old man wouldn’t be able to accept it, but to her surprise, he was even more enlightened. “Xiao Qin has given all of his feelings in this life to Meng Chao, so if Meng Chao doesn’t accept Xiao Qin’s sincerity, I’ll have to force him to accept it!”

From this, it could be seen that the old man’s attitude toward Lin Qin and Meng Chao’s relationship was supportive. After all, he had vivid memories of his grandson’s state before he met Meng Chao and couldn’t bear to see him like that again.

So now that someone could pull his grandson out of that lonely state, as long as his grandson was happy, he didn’t care whether the person accompanying his grandson for the rest of his life was a man or a woman. His grandson’s happiness was far more important than the gender of his future spouse.

After hearing her father’s stance, Chu Ge finally breathed a sigh of relief for Lin Qin. Her father had really changed a lot over the years and was no longer so stubborn.

“I’ll thank Dad on Xiao Qin’s behalf.” Chu Ge said happily.

However, she didn’t get to be happy for too long, because the Chu family’s patriarch turned his attention to her. “What are you and Lin Chengdu planning to do? Just let this drag on? Xiao Qin’s condition has improved, so this isn’t an excuse for the two of you anymore.”

Back then, Chu Ge’s divorce from Lin Chengdu had upset her father, leading to an argument and her decision to go abroad to start her own business. Then after hearing that Lin Qin had social phobia, she immediately shifted her focus back to the domestic market. However there hadn’t been any progress at all between her and Lin Chengdu.

In hindsight, the divorce had been the result of misunderstandings and youthful impulsiveness. Neither of them was at fault, it was just the clash of personalities that had led to the breakdown of their marriage.

These past few years, both of them had been alone. It wasn’t that they hadn’t considered finding someone new, but that it just didn’t seem right. And after trying different options, they realized that the most suitable one was the one they started with.

Chu Ge had never stopped thinking about getting back together with Lin Chengdu, however after so many years, pride still lingered. After all, it was she who had proposed the divorce back then, so she felt that it shouldn’t be her who should mention getting married again.

Seeing her remain silent, the Chu family’s patriarch sighed in resignation. Onlookers saw more than the players themselves, and anyone with eyes could see that there was still love between Chu Ge and Lin Chengdu.

Forget it, forget it, they should torture themselves however they wanted. He was getting older and couldn’t control them.


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