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Chapter 25.2 First heat before broadcast

Soon, the blogger’s Weibo repost exceeded 10,000 views. The water army bought by Jin Feiyun accused the blogger of making rumors, but there were a lot of people who were following the situation closely, so the comments of the water army were suppressed.

The blogger was also a fast person, after the comments from Jin Feiyun’s fans that he was spreading rumours, he directly attached a video. It was a video that had been recorded by an infrared camera the night when Jin Feiyun had gone to knock on the door.

Direct evidence being presented, Jin Feiyun’s fans went silent, laying down their flags, some even became anti fans.

In just half an hour, Jin Feiyun’s Weibo fans reduced by 10 million. For the first time, Weibo’s servers broke down due to large-scale of fans leaving, which became a joke.

Jin Feiyun originally wanted to use the water army to strike back, but didn’t expect that the show crew wouldn’t even leave a trace of affection, directly releasing the evidence. At this moment, the onlookers stopped saying Meng Chao was bullying someone and that it was completely the result of Jin Feiyun’s own doing, sending herself to the death.

In the afternoon, Jin Feiyun’s studio issued a statement stating that they would suspend all of Jin Feiyun’s work at this stage, but didn’t specify the time limit of the suspension.

After being banned by Meng Chao’s Studio and Chu Tian Entertainment, Jin Feiyun was buried in the snow by her own company, like a grasshopper after autumn, no longer able to jump.

Moreover less and less people online paid attention to Jin Feiyun. The comments under the original post by the blogger who had published evidence about Jin Feiyun gradually became crooked.

It was because of the blogger’s three words- Little rabbit Lin.

[Ha ha ha ha ha, am I the only one who noticed that Lin Qin was scared by Jin Feiyun? Why is our little rabbit Lin so pure? A beauty is at the door, aren’t you supposed to be unable to control yourself? He actually got frightened.]

[LMAO, movie emperor Meng must protect our little rabbit Lin, don’t let him be frightened again.]

[Little rabbit Lin, so aptly described, as if I should pinch him, sounds so cute as long as I think about it.]

[Blogger, blogger, are you also a stir fried vegetable?]

The blogger really replied to this comment; [I’ve met a colleague, every day I’m being stuffed with dog food, now I’ve become an iron fried vegetable!!]

The blogger’s comment quickly went viral, with many asking for details. Finally, the blogger asked the director and in order to also promote ‘We are together’, was permitted to post a picture on Weibo.

[Because I signed a confidentiality agreement when I entered the crew, I can’t leak a lot of things so when the show comes on you’ll know, but I secretly attached a picture I like very much (picture)]

This picture was taken the night Lin Qin and Meng Chao watched the meteor shower.

Lin Qin was looking at the meteors, Meng Chao was watching Lin Qin.

Once this picture was sent out, the comments section exploded again, with imaginative fans making thousands of small fan arts for this picture, successfully creating a large wave of stir-fried vegetables.

As a result, before ‘We Are Together’ was even broadcasted, Lin Qin and Meng Chao, this cp gradually became popular.

Even though it was turbulent online, Meng Chao and Lin Qin didn’t know of this cp pairing issue since their cell phones had been confiscated. With Zhang Yue’s departure, in the afternoon, they welcomed the second group of guests in the villa.

Perhaps because Jin Feiyun had created a lot of trouble, the guests this time weren’t internet stars. Even if they walked on the street, people wouldn’t be able to call their names, but the characters they played were more popular than their names.

This was an old couple, who had acted and created a lot of classic characters.

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