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Chapter 43.1 The best

Lin Qin went to the commissionary next to the bus station to buy water. Presently he had been standing in front of the fridge for a while, not wondering which mineral water to buy, but wondering how to ask the boss of the commissionary for directions later.

As he struggled, the boss looked at him doubtfully. He took a deep breath, took two bottles from the fridge, then went to the counter to check out.

Sitting in front of the counter was a little girl probably about sixteen or seventeen years old, she should be a high school student, who was browsing through her cell phone. Seeing someone coming to check out, she looked at the water in his hand and said, “Four yuan.”

“Can I use WeChat?” Lin Qin didn’t have cash on him.

“You can just swipe your QR code on the table.” The little girl was slightly surprised, only thinking that the customer’s voice was very good to listen to, making it so that she couldn’t help but want to see what he looked like, looking up.

Then she froze, thinking that she had seen wrong.

Lin Qin didn’t know what the little girl was thinking about nor did he realise that he might have been recognised. He took out his cell phone and swiped his QR code. After paying, his saw that the little girl’s burning eyes were on him.

He gulped nervously, unable to help but step back, “Excuse… excuse me is there anything else?”

The little girl was still suspicious but now that Lin Qin had stepped back, she noticed that there was a camera behind him and now certain in her heart, she asked excitedly, “Are you… are you Lin Qin?”

“Ah?” Lin Qin hadn’t expected to be recognised, freezing for a while before nodding.

The little girl almost screamed excitedly, she jumped a few times before calming down, “Senior Lin, I’m your fan, can you sign an autograph for me?”

He didn’t know how to refuse, so he just signed the autograph.

The little girl knew when to back off, so she didn’t approach him enthusiastically, but her hot eyes on him still made Lin Qin feel a little uncomfortable.

“Lin Qin, are you filming ‘We are together’? Then is movie emperor Meng also here?” She asked animatedly.

Lin Qin hadn’t yet opened his mouth to answer when the big brother behind the camera said: “I’m sorry, this involves the program crew’s secrets, it’s inconvenience to disclose it.”

The little girl made an ‘oh’ sound, then didn’t ask again.

Lin Qin originally wanted to ask the little girl for directions but feeling her enthusiasm, decided that it would be inconvenient to ask, worried that the little girl would enthusiastically propose to lead him, and he didn’t really know how to refuse.

Saying goodbye to the little girl, he walked out of the commissionary. There was an auntie at the door, and after a while, Lin Qin went to her and asked nervously, “Big sister, please, is there a house nearby that has been built the bamboo forests on the mountains?”

“There is, there is.” The aunt answered him enthusiastically, too enthusiastic in fact, as she told him about the owner of the bamboo house, then told him about the owner’s surname which was Meng, then told him about all the things that had happened there, who the family was, where they were, how much wealth they had, and the many benefits they had brought to Nanjiang town.

She spoke about a lot of unnecessary things in succession, but she didn’t tell him how to get to the bamboo house. Lin Qin listened very carefully like a good boy, not wanting to interrupt her.

After she finally introduced the whole Meng Family to Lin Qin, it was only then that she realised that he had asked a question, but what the question was, she had forgotten.

“What did you just ask me?” She touched her head and asked.

Lin Qin patiently repeated his question.

A light appeared on her face, then she said: “I’ve heard that there’s such a house, but I really don’t know how to go there. How about you ask someone else and see?”

Lin Qin: “…”

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  1. Poor QingQing, first an overenthousiastic little girl and now a chatty auntie. 😅

    Thanks for the chapter!

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