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Chapter 21.1 A beam of light

Night fell and the whole world fell into silence.

The show crew finished their work and the villa’s lights went dark one after the other with only the infrared camera still running and the sound of the waves outside the window, quiet and leisurely.

The sound of a door opening suddenly came from the quiet villa, the sound coming from the guest room on the first floor. The infrared camera automatically sensed this and turned to the source, only to see a woman in a slinky lingerie came out of a room.

This woman was naturally Jin Feiyun who had participated in the filming of ‘We Are Together’ today.

Jin Feiyun looked around in the dark, turned on the flashlight of her cell phone and quietly walked upstairs.

The infrared camera could only capture the view of the stairs, unable to follow up, but Jin Feiyun had no idea she had been captured by the infrared camera.

It was quiet upstairs.

Jin Feiyun had already figured it out. There were a total of three rooms on the second floor. The nearest to the stairs was the guest room, where Zhang Yue was staying in now. The door was closed, no light coming out from it.

The room opposite Zhang Yue’s was the master bedroom and the room next to the master bedroom was the second master bedroom.

The rooms had been divided accordingly. The master bedroom was where Meng Chao slept and the second master bedroom was where Lin Qin slept.

Jin Feiyun’s goal tonight was Meng Chao. She walked lightly past Zhang Yue’s room, towards the direction of the master bedroom.

Lin Qin who had fallen asleep long ago seemed to vaguely hear a knock on the door. He opened his eyes, still a little dazed. It took a long time before he got up from the bed, the knock on the door having become more real.

Taking his cell phone from the table beside the bed, he looked at the time. It was past two in the morning, making him unable to help but wonder who had come to him at this hour?

In order to reflect the truthfulness of the reality show ‘We Are Together’, several infrared cameras had also been set up outside the hallway. At this moment, a camera was flashing with light at the doorway of the master bedroom, recording Jin Feiyun’s every move.

She knocked on the door for a minute or two and seeing that Meng Chao didn’t come to open the door didn’t waver, continuing to knock.

In her opinion, men were animals who only thought of themselves. In the daytime, because they had been surrounded by cameras, Meng Chao didn’t flirt with her, but now it was different. It was nighttime now and a lot of the cameras had been turned off. In the night, a lonely man and a lonely woman coming together, she didn’t believe that he would still be able to control himself!

Jin Feiyun knocked a few more times then faintly hearing the sound coming from the room, stopped knocking on the door to pull down her slinky lingerie, exposing half of her breasts then fluffed her hair again, the corners of her mouth outlined with an impeccable smile.

As soon as the door opened, Jin Feiyun jumped up and hugged the man who had opened it, exclaiming: “Movie Emperor Meng, I… I, there are mice in my room….”

The words hadn’t yet finished when she was pushed away forcefully. As she fell to the ground she bumped into a large vase, making it fall to the ground as a ‘bang’ rang in the silent night.

Jin Feiyun frowned with pain. She completely hadn’t expected that she would be pushed away so ruthlessly. The aching pain coming from behind made her groan.

Before she could react, the door in front of her was shut with a slam.

Such a loud noise naturally woke the other people on the second floor. With a click, the lights in the hallway turned on, the instant brightness making Jin Feiyun squint unconsciously.

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  1. Thank you girls ever so much for picking this up!
    I liked this series since the first translator put it on NU and was very sad with the very sporadic updates from the previous translator. So I’m very glad to see you pick it up.

    Thanks for the chapters!!

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