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Chapter 61 Storm Brewing

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After a long day of rushing around, Lin Qin and Meng Chao finally made it back to the Imperial Capital before midnight, then hurriedly took a quick shower and then snuggled up together.

“When did you agree to take on ‘Dark War’? How come I didn’t know?” Lin Qin asked, playing with Meng Chao’s slender fingers.

‘Dark War’ was the movie they were going to start filming with the cast next month. Lin Qin had already accepted this role as one of the male leads even before agreeing to record [We Are Together].

That’s right, as one of the male leads.

The movie was a male-dominated drama, and the so-called female lead had a very low presence, to the point where a romantic storyline with a male lead hadn’t even been written yet.

The movie actually featured two male leads, and when Lin Qin had accepted the role, the production team had mentioned that negotiations were still ongoing for the other male lead. But he never expected that after everything was finalized, the other male lead would actually be Meng Chao.

“The director is someone I’ve worked with before. He personally approached me, and after reading the script, I thought it was good, so I agreed to take on the role.” Meng Chao was telling the truth. When he had agreed to be part of this drama, he’d had no idea that the other male lead would be Lin Qin, and later, when he found out that it was Lin Qin, he had also been surprised. It was really a pleasant surprise.

Ever since he’d fallen in love with Lin Qin, he had wanted to work together on a movie. He never expected the opportunity to come so quickly, what’s more it was a coincidence that neither of them had intentionally planned, yet it brought them together.

This was fate, right?

Lin Qin wanted to say something else, but the fatigue from the journey caused him to yawn, his eyes barely staying open.

Meng Chao kissed his lips, saying softly, “Go to sleep. We can talk about anything else tomorrow.”

Lin Qin made a quiet ‘en’ sound, then immediately drifted off to sleep in Meng Chao’s arms.

Meng Chao waited for Lin Qin to fall asleep deeply, then removed his hand from under his head quietly, picked up his phone, then went to the living room to make a call to a friend.

“Hello, it’s Meng Chao.”

“I heard that your company recently collaborated with the Fang family. How about this, the Meng Group is willing to compensate for your losses, so terminate your partnership with the Fang family.”

“The Chu family has also intervened? Alright, I understand. Thank you.”

Ending the call, Meng Chao made a few more phone calls only to receive similar responses. He had originally planned to use his connections to pressure the Fang family to teach Fang Ming Hui a lesson, however it was evident that the Chu family had acted faster than he had, and that their influence was much more substantial.

The heads of those businesses, aware that the Fang family had offended the Chu family, quickly terminated all their partnerships with the Fang family and kept their distance.

Lin Qin was the Chu family’s patriarch’s beloved grandson, and in the past, when the relationship between Chu Ge and the Chu family’s old man was strained, he couldn’t even bring himself to get close to her child. Then over the years, after the father-daughter relationship improved gradually, and the Chu family’s patriarch learnt that Lin Qin was suffering from social phobia, he wanted nothing more than to provide him with the best care, hoping that he would get well.

In the past, when the Chu family’s patriarch was hospitalized due to some ailments, the younger generation kept the incident of the campus violence hidden from him. However now that he had recovered and learned of the recent events, Chu Hong immediately reported everything to him.

So one could imagine how angry the patriarch must be that the entire Chu family was taking action.

The Chu family was currently at its peak, and Chu Ge’s elder brother, who happened to be Lin Qin’s uncle, was already a surefire candidate for the next top leadership position. So at a time like this, who would want to risk the Chu family’s ire?

In the end, Meng Chao called his big brother Meng Ke and asked him to suppress the Fang family as well.

Meng Ke didn’t ask anything and agreed immediately.

It was only after doing these things that Meng Chao returned to the bedroom.

Lin Qin was sleeping soundly, and when he saw that he was no longer frowning tightly even after he fell asleep, the corners of his lips couldn’t help but rise gently, then lifting the covers, he lay back down.

And sensing his warmth, Lin Qin turned over and snuggled into his arms.

He wrapped his arms around Meng Chao’s waist and mumbled in a daze, “Where did you go just now?”

Meng Chao pulled him a little closer and replied, “Something came up at the company, so I had to take a phone call.” After saying this he asked, “Why did you wake up?”

Lin Qin’s fuzzy head nuzzled into his arms, finding a comfortable position. “I don’t sleep well when you’re not beside me.”

Meng Chao’s heart softened instantly. “En, go back to sleep, I won’t leave.”

Lin Qin made an ‘En’ sound, then soon fell asleep again.

Meng Chao kissed the top of his head, and listening to his gradually lengthening breath, he soon fell asleep as well.

Meanwhile, on an anonymous forum, a storm was brewing because of a particular post.

The post’s title was “#Let’s Discuss Why That Actor Lin Qin Got So Many Great Opportunities Right After Debut#.”

The post vividly described Lin Qin being financially supported by a wealthy boss who invested in two of his films, propelling Lin Qin to international stardom like a rocket.

In short, this post, speculated with a malicious and vicious tone about an unseemly transaction between Lin Qin and a certain big boss, and that Lin Qin’s rise to fame was attributed to this boss’s support.

Towards the end of the post, the anonymous moderator even shared some clear pictures showing Lin Qin hugging a man tightly.

Once this post was shared, thanks to certain water armies, it garnered some attention, and it was soon discovered that the big boss seen with Lin Qin was the big boss of Chu Tian Entertainment.

Under the post, was a frenzy of comments from water armies and sunspots first.

[Hehehe, and I actually thought Lin Qin was a true Movie Emperor. It turns out, he’s selling himself.]

[Want to become a Cannes Film Movie Emperor like Lin Qin? Then go and sell yourself!]

[I’ve seen all the hype about Lin Qin’s amazing acting these days. I saw a few screenshots, and it’s just so-so. How could he become a Movie Emperor with this acting? But it turns out….. he really has no shame.]

The post caused quite a stir because of the water armies and the sunspots, with more and more of Lin Qin’s fans and bystanders joining the discussion.

[Hahaha, and I thought it was explosive news. Just two men hugging and it’s suddenly a sugar daddy relationship? Some people are really talented at interpreting images. You got straight A’s in elementary school picture interpretation composition right?]

[The one who criticized Lin Qin’s acting, it’s better to go see an eye doctor. If capital can really influence the Cannes Film Festival, we would probably have countless Movie Emperors by now. In reality, how many do we have even with Lin Qin? Sunspot, how about I check your brain, then teach you some math?]

[Saying Little Rabbit Lin has good resources, I’ll give you a slap in the face! Little Rabbit Lin has only acted in two films since his debut. Before you knew Little Rabbit Lin, did any of you hear of the directors of these two films? They all make niche arthouse films. I’m guessing that if any of those two scripts had been placed in front of you for cooking, you wouldn’t have even glanced at them. You guys don’t work hard on improving your acting skills but my Little Rabbit Lin won the Film Emperor award by relying on his hard work. What, is it blocking your way?]

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