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Chapter 29.2 Wrong number

The two men walked side by side into the villa, the moonlight falling on them, making the shadows of the two very long.

Meng Chao reached out and tentatively hooked Lin Qin’s finger with his thumb and seeing that Lin Qin didn’t reject it, wrapped Lin Qin’s hand in his palm.

Lin Qin’s face turned red but didn’t break away.

At the corner, the shadows of the two overlapped, lingering gently around each other.

Lin Qin and Meng Chao went upstairs together then stopped at the door of Lin Qin’s room.

Lin Qin drew his hand back, the heat on his face not retreating for a while. He didn’t dare look at Meng Chao, bowing his head as he said: “Good night, Meng Chao Ge.”

Then without waiting for a response from Meng Chao, he turned around to push the door in to enter. However, Meng Chao grabbed his hand and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

Lin Qin’s eyes widened in surprise, his eyes complicated, mixed with panic and surprise, then something rose in his chest. Lin Qin only felt as if he was about to float.

Meng Chao didn’t leave immediately after kissing him, leaning down to say in Lin Qin’s ears: “I asked the husband and wife how they got along with each other not just for fun, I hope it can be put into practice and the object of practice is only one person, and it’s only for that one person.”

Lin Qin was stunned silly, standing still, his eyes wide. He could hear the sound of his heartbeat thumping, especially noticeable in the silent night. 

However, Meng Chao didn’t press Lin Qin too tightly. He rubbed his head, pushed him gently back into the room and smiled softly: “Hurry up and rest, see you tomorrow morning.” Saying this he also very sweetly closed the door for Lin Qin.

Lin Qin stood stupefied in his room for a long time before regaining his sanity, Meng Chao’s words echoing again and again in his ears, his heart bubbling.

“I think I’m going to fly.” Lin Qin jumped up and threw himself onto the bed, smiling foolishly as he held the quilt, his eyebrows stretching cheerfully like a fool.

This night, Lin Qin lost sleep. Finally, in the middle of the night, he took out his cell phone and sent a post.

Because it was a hidden account Lin Qin didn’t control his heart, so the content of Weibo was like this—

Ah ah ah ah ah ah, I seem to have been confessed to!!!! I’m so happy I could fly!!! So excited, I can’t sleep!!!

After sending out this Weibo post, Lin Qin put the cell phone on his chest and lay in bed tossing and turning.

In the next room, Meng Chao had just come out after taking a bath and a notification sound came from his cell phone. This was the notification tone he had set specifically. As long as a special Weibo post appeared, it would immediately notify him.

And this special notification alert of Meng Chao’s, had been set only for Lin Qin.

He immediately picked up the phone, opened Weibo and saw Lin Qin’s latest update.

Seeing this post, which was significantly different from the previous styles, Meng Chao’s first reaction was that Lin Qin had the wrong number, estimating that it was a frequently used ID which was a hidden account, so he had unbridledly posted his feelings…

It turns out that he was a little confused.

Meng Chao couldn’t help chuckling, then sent a like.

Lin Qin set a special alert tone for Meng Chao, regardless of whether it was his public account or hidden account, so Lin Qin was able to receive the first move of Meng Chao on Weibo. He saw that Meng Chao had liked a post, the more he looked at it, the more the post seemed very familiar. Then he realized that this was his new Weibo account, he glanced guiltily at the account’s nickname….

Lin Qin: “!!!”

He sent it to the wrong account, he wanted to cry.

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