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Chapter 26.1 Misunderstanding Lin Qin

The man’s name was Dai Hong and the woman was Zhu Ling, both had passed the age of fifty and had been married for more than twenty years, a very harmonious couple. They were usually low-key, in addition they rarely needed to appear in front of the camera. This was the first time the two were taking part in the recording of a reality show.

The director being able to invite this couple, was because of Meng Chao.

Previously Meng Chao had won an award at the Venice Film Festival because of a film he had acted in and Dai Hong had appeared in it as one of the supporting roles, so the invitation had been sent out by Meng Chao himself. Dai Hong, because of giving Meng Chao face, had brought his wife with him, regarding this as a vacation.

When Meng Chao received the news that Dai Hong and his wife had arrived, he called Lin Qin to go with him to pick them up.

Lin Qin hadn’t known in advance that the guests were Dai Hong and Zhu Ling. After hearing Meng Chao say this, he specially washed his hands and changed his shoes to go receive them.

Lin Qin may not know who the hottest star in the entertainment circle was, but he knew almost all the old actors in the entertainment circle. They represented the real acting skills in this entertainment circle. Lin Qin had once looked at the movies of these old actors frame by frame, learning their essence from the details.

So hearing Meng Chao say that this time it was Dai Hong and Zhu Ling, he was a little excited.

Lin Qin’s emotions were written on his face. Meng Chao could see it at a glance, so he asked knowingly: “Do you like senior Dai and senior Zhu?”

“Mm-hmm.” Lin Qin nodded, “I feel I can learn a lot from them.” He had entered this circle, naturally he would do his best and he also liked acting, of course, he wouldn’t let go of any opportunity to learn.

Meng Chao saw the burning light in Lin Qin’s eyes and knew he was really open-minded and eager to learn. This was very rare, especially for an actor who had already won the international category A film movie emperor award.

In that moment, the little worry in Meng Chao’s heart disappeared.

Although Lin Qin wasn’t good with words and didn’t dare associate with people, he had a pure and innocent heart like that of a child’s. He thought to himself, as long as one had contact with Lin Qin, they wouldn’t dislike him.

As they spoke, they arrived at the intersection and from a distance saw a car approaching. It soon stopped in front of them.

Not long after, a man and a woman got out of the car. Although they were in their 50s, they had carefully maintained their looks and looked like they were in their early forties.

“Senior Dai, senior Zhu.” Meng Chao greeted them first, then Lin Qin also followed suit.

Before meeting them Lin Qin had been a little excited, but when he really met them, the nervousness came up again. His face turned red and after saying hello he didn’t dare move forward. He silently carried their luggage out of the car.

“This…” Zhu Ling noticed Lin Qin and was a little puzzled. Why did the young man say hello then walk away in silence?

Dai Hong was also a little displeased, thinking that this young man was too proud. Even if he had won the film emperor award so what? He didn’t even have basic manners.

Meng Chao knew that the two people had misunderstood and explained: “My boy is relatively shy, I estimate that it’s because he doesn’t dare see you at this moment. Previously when he heard that you were coming, you don’t know how happy he was.” There was helpless indulgence in his tone that even he himself wasn’t aware of.

“Really?” Zhu Ling didn’t care. If the young man didn’t like them, they would have less contact with him, anyway they were only here for a day or two.

Lin Qin didn’t know he had been misunderstood because of his personality, but even if he knew, he was used to it. Over the years, there had been no less of such misunderstandings. Lin Qin couldn’t explain and didn’t know how to explain, so he had few friends around him and the only close person he knew intimately who was beside him was Chu Hong, his agent.

Meng Chao also explained this much, these types of situations, explaining too much would only make it even worse. However, Meng Chao believed that their views would definitely change once they interacted with Lin Qin.

His boy was so good, anyone who wasn’t blind could see it.

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