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Chapter 31.1 Are you willing?

Zheng Huibin was a typical night owl. She had been on Weibo and various forums all year round. Her job was drawing comics. In order to increase her popularity, she usually paid attention to some of the most famous cps, then drew pictures and produced ‘food’ to attract the fans of these CPs.

However, fans who followed Zheng Huibin knew that she had a principle of not drawing real life CPs. But recently, this principle had become a bit loose and the reason for this change was because of certain fried vegetables fans who had paired a certain cp.

Unlike others who were fans of Meng Chao, Zheng Huibin was a fan of Lin Qin. Since Lin Qin won the Best Newcomer Award at a domestic film festival, she had become his fan.

However Lin Qin was too low-key, and as the so-called main fan she was also low-key, so low-key that she had three million followers on Weibo v, but none of her fans knew she was a fan of Lin Qin.

She had noticed Meng Chao through Lin Qin, watched several of his films overnight, then became a part of Meng Chao’s fan circle.

But at this time, she still didn’t touch draw this real life cp.

Also during the day today, when she saw the picture the staff of ‘We Are Together’ posted of Qin and Meng Chao watching the meteor shower together, it was as if her heart had been hit, only feeling that the two were extremely well matched.

At that moment, she hadn’t been able to control the chaotic rush of power within her and started to draw a real-life cp of the same people. After beautifying the two in the picture watching the meteor, they were drawn in the form of comics.

Zheng Huibin liked this picture very much. Whenever she drew she was very serious. As she was drawing, Jiyou sent her a message.

She got on QQ and the first thing she saw was the screen full of ah ah ah ah’s sent by Ji You. He had sent her a few question marks, then sent her a Weibo screenshot.

Ji You: Giving stir-fried vegetables sugar cp in the middle of the night, this is simply not wanting me to sleep ah ah ah ah.

Ji You: Little rabbit Lin said that someone confessed to him tonight and that he couldn’t sleep from the excitement. In a flash, movie emperor Meng liked little rabbit Lin’s post! Rounding it up, it’s movie emperor Meng admitting that it was he who confessed to little rabbit Lin.

Ji You: Little rabbit Lin can’t sleep, I also can’t sleep, ah, ah, how come I have a feeling that this fried vegetables cp will come true?

Ji You was a hardcore fan of movie emperor Meng and also the first batch of stir-fried vegetables. Before Lin Qin appeared, Ji You was movie emperor Meng’s wife fan. Whenever his name was mentioned, his brain would freeze. After Lin Qin appeared, he was willing to give up the position of the main wife to Lin Qin and retire to become the mistress, then finally evolved into a cp fan.

Usually when Ji You sends this real cp news to Zheng Huibin, Zheng Huibin would only return a very indifferent ‘I know’, followed by a ‘hi’.

But today was different. Zheng Huibin had just transformed from a career fan to into a cp fan. She was a little excited at first, then seeing the cp sugar, immediately couldn’t control herself and started engaging with Ji You.

And after a few ah ah ah ah’s- on the screen with Ji You, Ji You’s brain circuit finally returned to normal, asking Zheng Huibin skeptically, “Didn’t you say you won’t touch real life CP’s?”

Zheng Huibin didn’t feel any shame, returning with a really different opinion than she’d had in the past, making Ji You laugh for a long time.

Zheng Huibin countered: “Who said he would be movie emperor Meng’s wife fan for the rest of his life? Saying that no one but you is worthy of him?”

Ji You was hit back with this counterattack.

The journey of Zheng Huibin and Ji You was the epitome of hundreds of thousands of stir-fried vegetables.

Zheng Huibin finished the picture and posted it on Weibo.

Don’t touch the heart of a real person v: I want to rename my membership. [Image]

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