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Chapter 62

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The brewing storm had just begun, originally stirring on this anonymous forum, then quickly getting picked up on Weibo, sparking widespread discussion.

After Yi Ran posted on the anonymous forum, he hired water armies for hype then kept on staring at his laptop, watching the development of the situation, and even when he realised that the heat of the topic had fermented, the smile at the corners of his lips never faded, his gaze sinister, as if he could foresee Lin Qin’s downfall after this matter fermented further.

However reality greatly exceeded his expectations, because the most discussed topic on Weibo wasn’t the issue of Lin Qin being a kept person, but whether Lin Qin’s acting in ‘Double Passion’ deserved the Cannes Film Movie Emperor award.

This question sparked a broad discussion on Weibo, with most people coming to the conclusion that he deserved it, and because of this many passerbys who didn’t know Lin Qin and who hadn’t seen ‘Double Passion’ were drawn into the discussion, causing them to hastily download the film and then be captivated by Lin Qin’s superb acting, after which they actually became his film fans.

This night, Lin Qin’s fan base skyrocketed. Previously, he’d had a fan base of over just three million fans, but after this evening, it increased by over two million. And despite certain sunspots and water armies stirring things up, the majority of people had overwhelmingly positive opinions when discussing Lin Qin.

Yi Ran had been watching the developments all night long, so seeing this result, he almost smashed his laptop.

Yi Ran, a little fresh meat living off his youthful looks, would probably never be able to understand the loyalty of the fans who had been won over by Lin Qin’s talent, because Lin Qin’s influence justified everything he received, hence anyone with common sense would know that it was futile to slander him.

Moreover, as a comment under the anonymous forum had pointed out, Lin Qin didn’t have particularly good resources. The two directors he had worked with were virtually unknown in the industry until they won awards, meaning Lin Qin’s choice to work with them wasn’t due to their status in the industry, but because the scripts themselves were outstanding.

When great scripts, great teams, and exceptional actors came together, they would naturally create a wonderful chemical reaction. Hence Lin Qin’s ability to win the Movie Emperor award wasn’t because of capital but rather because of his unique vision and outstanding acting.

Those resources weren’t good resources on their own. It was because he won an award that they became good resources. Looking back, if he hadn’t won that award, his name would have been buried in the same way those movies would have been buried in the obscure arthouse film market, hidden like a pearl in the dust.

Besides, if Lin Qin really needed a hype, he could have easily risen to fame with just a little bit of effort after he won the Cannes Film Movie Emperor award. After all, that was a solid achievement.

However he didn’t even bother to collect his Movie Emperor award trophy and even went into hiding. If it wasn’t for his collaboration with Movie Emperor Meng for a reality show, most people wouldn’t even know him.

So, the claim on that anonymous forum that his success was solely due to being kept by someone was simply a fallacy.

Moreover the picture of him hugging the big boss of Chu Tian Entertainment weren’t conclusive evidence of anything. It was just hugging. Hugging was a common gesture between friends, family, and sometimes even strangers.

Hugging wasn’t a move that was only limited to couples, so assuming someone was being kept solely based on a picture of him hugging someone was a weak argument.

Then, in the popular comments, one comment became highly upvoted.

[I remember that the big boss of Chu Tian Entertainment is called Lin Cheng Du, and he’s also the chairman of the Lin Group. Of course, that’s not the point. The point is, they are both surnamed Lin, and the age difference between them is like that between a normal father and son. So, it can’t be what I’m thinking, right? If it is, then Little Rabbit Lin isn’t Little Rabbit Lin anymore. He’s Lin. Tycoon. Crown Prince. Little Rabbit!!]

The replies poured in:

[Fuck!!! It’s really possible. Who remembers when Jin Feiyun sneaked into his bed late at night and Chu Tian Entertainment released a statement to block her? Back then, I thought it was because of Movie Emperor Meng, but now it seems emmm….]

[It does seem like Chu Tian Entertainment was venting its anger for their Little Crown Prince ah!!!]

[If this is really Little Rabbit Lin’s background, then he’s too low-key. If I had that kind of background, I’d have my dad send my husband to the ** by now. Just thinking about it sounds amazing!]

[Upstairs, wake up.]

[Where’s the water truck? Hurry up and wake the person above up!]

The comments continued to go off-topic, but this speculation had deeply captured people’s imaginations.

Yi Ran also saw this popular comment, and just the thought that this possibility might be real made his heart race. If Lin Qin was really the Crown Prince of Chu Tian Entertainment, then wouldn’t he have offended the entire Chu Tian Entertainment!

Impossible! Impossible! If Lin Qin really had that kind of background, he wouldn’t have only recently started to make a splash. He would have been famous long ago.

However his self-consolation was quickly shattered when Chu Tian Entertainment posted a clarification statement.

The statement read:

“Recently, certain ill-intentioned individuals have used stolen pictures to malign the father-son relationship between our Chairman, Mr. Lin Cheng Du, and our artiste, Mr. Lin Qin. We reserve the right to pursue legal action against those responsible.”

Once this statement was sent out, it was quickly shared thousands of times, and naturally, people noticed the key point in the statement.

[Emphasizing the key point— the father-son relationship between Mr. Lin Cheng Du and Mr. Lin Qin!! Father! Son! Relationship! See that? Little Rabbit Lin has really evolved into Lin. Tycoon. Crown Prince. Little Rabbit!!]

[Hahaha, you thought Little Rabbit Lin was an easy target, when in reality, he is Little Rabbit Aisin Gioro!]

[Sunspots, come out. What sort of improper relationship are you guys talking about? Since when is a father-son relationship improper?]

This was another face slapping scene.

After seeing this statement, Yi Ran slumped into his chair.

There were so many people with the surname Lin in this world, who would have thought that Lin Qin and Lin Cheng Du were really related?

The next day, when Lin Qin tapped into his Weibo account, he found that Little Rabbit Aisin Gioro was on the hot search, and thinking that it was something new, tapped it only to be dazed.

Little Rabbit Aisin Gioro 1Aisin Gioro, is the family name of the Manchu emperors of the Qing dynasty.? Were they talking about him?

And when Meng Chao walked in, that was how he found him, in a daze. Standing beside him, he asked him, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Qin looked up at him, then suddenly smiled. “I’m Little Rabbit Aisin Gioro. Pay up!”

Meng Chao had also seen this internet joke and so understood immediately. “Impressive, my Little Rabbit Crown Prince.”

Lin Qin was just joking with Meng Chao, and so.just said it for a moment then stopped talking about it. However, when they finished eating breakfast, he received a message on his phone.

It was a message from the bank, and when Lin Qin tapped it open, he found that his account had an extra ‘1’ followed by countless ‘0’s.

At first he thought the bank had made a mistake, then realizing something, he looked at Meng Chao. “Meng Chao Ge, you….”

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