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Chapter 25.1 First heat before broadcast

If Chu Tian Entertainment had blocked Jin Feiyun, then it was considered as half of the entertainment industry banning her, then adding Movie Emperor Meng, it meant that the entire entertainment industry had banned Jin Feiyun.

Of course, although the statement didn’t clearly say that they had blocked Jin Feiyun, it explicitly stated that Meng Chao and Chu Tian Entertainment’s artists would not participate in any activities that Jin Feiyun participated in. This was the attitude put forward by Meng Chao and Chu Tian Entertainment —-

We do not want to cooperate with Jin Fei Yun, and Jin Feiyun can’t cooperate with us. If anyone doesn’t agree with us, you can use Jin Fei Yun, this artist, but in the future you can’t have a collaboration with us.

On one side was the legend of the entertainment industry and an old entertainment company and on the other side was a small internet star. As long one didn’t have a problem in the head, they would know what to do.

The agent’s eyes were red. In order to make Jin Feiyun popular, she had done everything necessary and spent a lot of time and great effort. Who would have thought that Jin Feiyun would make herself such a large moth, attracting the flame to herself?

She couldn’t help Jin Feiyun now. Now that this joint statement had come out, she had a lot of work to do. The first thing to do was to find out why Chu Tian Entertainment would step in at this time. Movie emperor Meng and Chu Tian Entertainment didn’t seem to have anything to do with the other.

Jin Feiyun however was like a puppet that had been deflated, sitting lifelessly on the chair.

It was over…

All her efforts were over.

No! She wasn’t willing to admit defeat, why did they ban her? Everyone desired something, she just wanted to make herself better, was it wrong?

Jin Feiyun’s eyes filled with strong unwillingness. No, she couldn’t be defeated just like that!

She clenched her teeth and made several calls.

At the same time, the internet exploded because of this joint statement.

Yesterday Jin Feiyun had tried to pull Meng Chao into a scandal, today she had been blocked by Meng Chao’s studio. Some people were happy while others thought that Meng Chao was making a mountain out of a molehill.

After all, scandals and hypes, this was a regular thing in the entertainment industry, banning someone because of a scandal was a bit too much.

So it didn’t take long before the phrase [Meng Chao bullying] became a hot search, all of them in favour of Jin Feiyun, thinking that Meng Chao didn’t have the demeanour of a gentleman. After all if this scandal was clarified, her career would have already been ruined.

Many Weibo accounts also made out Jin Feiyun to be a flourishing white lotus flower, she had done nothing, it was the studio who had put a knife to her neck and made her do it, she also had no choice. 

And Jin Feiyun took advantage of this time, to post a message on Weibo, sincerely apologizing to Meng Chao, saying she had just been too excited seeing her idol at that time so she hadn’t been able to control herself and had sent a Weibo post with inappropriate wording, she hadn’t expected it to cause such a storm. 

A single Weibo post washed her clean.

In an instant the direction of public opinion changed, beginning to sympathize with her. In their opinion, the ban order placed on her by Meng Chao and Chu Tian Entertainment was too much.

However, Jin Feiyun didn’t get to show off for too long, when a face slap was ushered in. 

A blogger who claimed to be a staff of ‘We are together’ reposted Jin Feiyun’s Weibo, then refuted: A certain female celebrity is selling herself as a white lotus flowers again. Why didn’t she say the reason why she was banned? When we were recording the program, she always pasted herself to movie emperor Meng. Meng Chao being a gentleman avoided her. In the night, when everyone was resting, a certain female star wearing a slinky pyjama went and knocked on movie emperor Meng’s door, however the result was that she knocked on the wrong door. She scared little rabbit Lin, alarmed the entire show crew and was taken away overnight. How come you’ve lost your memory now?

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