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Chapter 39.1 In the same room

There was no doubt that Han Zhi became famous because of this fun concert.

Netizens everywhere went looking for news about Han Zhi, and when Han Zhi’s pictures were taken out, a lot of facial features fans howled. Han Zhi’s facial features totally didn’t lose out to any of the current small fresh meat in the entertainment circle!

The popular song ‘wasted’ that had been popular two years ago was also discovered. Even though they were listening to this song two years later, there was still no sense of disharmony, it was still popular, and the more it was heard, the more interesting it was.

As Han Zhi was investigated into further, no black history was found, but a counterattack history of ordinary people.

Han Zhi was born into an ordinary working family. His parents were daily wage workers. His family wasn’t rich, but Han Zhi liked music from a young age, so he learned it secretly without his parents’ permission.

He was really talented in this regard and in the end was accepted into a full scholarship by a designated music school abroad.

After returning home, his first song ‘wasted’ made him popular all over the country.

However, later, for no apparent reason, Han Zhi unexpectedly disappeared for more than two years.

Concerning these two years of blank history, Han Zhi naturally wouldn’t come out to clarify it.

He didn’t even know that he had become popular. After saying goodbye to Lin Qin and the rest, he flew back to the capital alone.

However, on the plane, he seemed to have seen big boss Meng who had said he wanted support him,confirming a speculation that had formed in Han Zhi’s heart.

On the night of the concert, he had heard the first voice that had shouted out his name. He was very sensitive to sound. Even in the noisy music environment, he was still able to clearly distinguish the tone of the sound.

After the concert, he had laid in bed tossing and turning, recalling the sound again and again, before finally remembering that the voice was similar to Meng Ke’s.

At that time, he hadn’t dared to make a decision. After all, big boss Meng was so busy every day, how could he have the time to attend a concert of him, a little singer?

But after seeing Meng Ke on the plane, Han Zhi’s initial guess was verified.

At the thought of this possibility, Han Zhi couldn’t help laughing.

Meng Ke didn’t know that he had been seen on the plane by Han Zhi, and pretended to return to the company to continue working as if nothing had happened.

 Marine city.

Once again the guests were sent away and the villa quieted down again.

The fun concert last night had been so wild, all of a sudden being quiet today, the two were somewhat a bit unaccustomed to it.

Just as they were looking for something to do, a staff member rushed in and said, “Senior Meng, Senior Lin, today’s recording is going to stop.”

“Did something happen?” Meng Chao asked, everything was alright, there was no reason to stop recording.

The staff member said: “A notice was issued above, saying that there will be a typhoon landfall tonight. For safety, some equipment and personnel will be transferred.”

Marine city was a coastal city in the south. Although it always suffered from typhoons every summer, tonight’s typhoon landfall was already the third typhoon landfall in Marine city this year.

“We prepared a hotel for you in the urban area. Seniors please prepare and wait for a while.”

The villa was just by the sea. Transferring people to a relatively safe urban area would be a little safer, no one wanted any accident.

Lin Qin and Meng Chao naturally attached importance to personal safety. Fortunately, the two didn’t need to pack much, and a few minutes later they gathered with the staff of the show crew at the entrance of the villa.

The car went all the way to the urban area, but because there were many people going to the city to avoid the typhoon, the road was a bit congested, hence it took twice as much time more than usual to get to the hotel.

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