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Chapter 45.1 Secret broadcast

It had spread in the town yesterday, that several TV stars were coming into town to film.

Zhou Lin Lin had also heard her relatives say so, and it had even been discussed in her family group for a long time.

She thought she had seen Lin Qin yesterday because she had been watching Lin Qin and Meng Chao’s real life cp through blurred eyes, it wasn’t until after she saw the news of TV stars coming to film that she really confirmed that Lin Qin and Meng Chao were now in Nanjiang town and that they were even coming to film the show ‘We are together’.

Zhou Lin Lin was in a group called ‘fried vegetables with meat’, and yesterday she had showed off in the group about this matter, but she hadn’t expected that within one day, she would have such close contact with Lin Qin and Meng Chao.

When her father had called her to come to the peach garden by phone, she had actually been very reluctant.

More so when he said that there was a surprise waiting for her in the garden, and that she shouldn’t be too excited. She had even secretly cursed to herself, what was there to be excited about? You’ve accepted a large business of hundred boxes of peaches, and in exchange I’ll get sore hands, what was exciting about that?

When she had arrived at the peach garden and saw the camera, she didn’t react. However when she saw Lin Qin and Meng Chao coming towards her together, she really couldn’t control herself and screamed.

Father Zhou, the owner of the peach garden apologized quickly. “I’m sorry, my daughter is too excited seeing you stars. Please forgive us.”

Zhou Lin Lin trotted over in a few steps, breathing a little short as she took in a few deep breaths to calm down before apologizing immediately, “I’m sorry, I’m too excited.”

Of course, no one here cared.

Father Zhou told them some of the things to pay attention to, then allowed the stars to look for ripe peaches. Wu Zhenzhen and Zhao Qin were assigned to fold and arrange the boxes together with Zhou Lin Lin because they were girls.

After all of them spread out, the camera followed.

Zhou Lin Lin couldn’t help but take out her cell phone, click into the group called ‘fried vegetables with meat’, and send ah ah ah ah ah’s.

[Ah ah ah ah ah, ‘We are together’ is being filmed in my peach garden, I saw little rabbit Lin and movie emperor Meng!!!]

The chat bubbles in the group blew out, the messages in the group reaching 99+.

She was asked to take all kinds of pictures of Lin Qin and Meng Chao getting along with each other. ‘We are together’ was still being filmed, there were no video clips, and the publicity hadn’t started yet. Meng Chao and Lin Qin’s cp fans squatted in the official Weibo page everyday looking for sugar to eat, but both Lin Qin and Meng Chao didn’t like posting regularly and so while the official web page had several posts, their pages were accompanied by the sound of the wind, no sugar at all.

After hearing that Zhou Lin Lin was at the place where it was being filmed, she was encouraged to take some pictures of Lin Qin and Meng Chao in order to satisfy their hunger and thirst.

Zhou Lin Lin was only a 16 year old girl, at the age where girls liked to show off, so she couldn’t help but be encouraged and with the group’s flowery words flattering her, she agreed to record them.

She took a look at Wu Zhenzhen and Zhao Qin who were sitting next to her and her eyes turning, got up and sauntered into the peach garden.

A local tyrant in the group directly gave her hundreds of dollars, asking her to film the whole thing live.

Zhou Lin Lin vaguely felt that it was wrong, but she couldn’t bear to let go of the hundreds of dollars that had already been paid together with the flattery of her friends in the group, so she secretly started recording.

The staff also didn’t discover anything, they had only noticed that she was the daughter of the owner of the peach garden, so seeing her going over, they thought nothing of it, not stopping her.

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