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Chapter 21.2 A beam of light

After her eyes adapted to the brightness of the light, she saw Meng Chao standing in the doorway of the second master bedroom, his deep eyes so dark she couldn’t find the bottom, making Jin Feiyun feel cold all over.


Meng Chao slept in the second master bedroom? Then who was the one who just opened the door?

Before Jin Feiyun could understand this problem, a group of people quickly came up the stairs and saw her lying on the ground wearing a slinky lingerie. How could these people who have been in the entertainment industry for so long not know what Jin Feiyun had done?

Jin Feiyun’s slinky lingerie had now slipped down again. Her legs were wide open, the scenery at the bottom of the skirt exposed. Unexpectedly she was wearing only a piece of ***, leaving everything to the air.

Some of the men turned their heads, some couldn’t control their eyes, their gazes appearing extremely hot.

When Jin Feiyun reacted, what shouldn’t be seen had already been seen. She quickly gave a shrill scream. Fortunately a female staff responded quickly, took off her jacket and draped it over Jin Feiyun and despite the disdain in her heart, still helped Jin Feiyun downstairs.

The director rushed to the second floor and after understanding the situation from a staff member, his face immediately turned black.

They had originally wanted the first phase to have a good start, so they had invited popular internet stars to increase their ratings, but didn’t expect that he had invited someone who directed and acted her own play, caused a lot of trouble and who, as if it wasn’t enough, provoked Meng Chao and Lin Qin.

“Mr. Meng, this… ” There was embarrassment on the director’s face.

“I don’t want to see Jin Feiyun again.” Meng Chao said indifferently, the disgust in his tone difficult to hide.

The director said immediately, “No problem!”

After the words fell he left immediately to deal with the follow-up issues.

At the moment, Meng Chao didn’t care about Jin Feiyun’s affairs, instead he went to the door of Lin Qin’s room and knocked, “Lin Qin, it’s me.”

However Meng Chao knocked on the door for a long time, but Lin Qin didn’t open it.

Thick eyebrows furrowing, Meng Chao’s heart was full of worry. He stood in front of Lin Qin’s door for a while then turned to leave. His pair of long legs moving forward quickly and urgently, a few minutes later he returned again, a spare key in his hand.

Meng Chao knocked on the door several times, “Lin Qin, I’m coming in.”

After announcing this, Meng Chao opened the door of the master bedroom with the spare key.

The room was dark so Meng Chao reached out to turn on the lights, but just as he touched the switch, he heard Lin Qin’s trembling voice shout anxiously, “Don’t turn on the lights!”

He didn’t want Meng Chao to see the embarrassing state he was in now.

When he had opened the door for Jin Feiyun, he hadn’t seen who it was, but felt a dark shadow suddenly pounce on him, then the darkness and shadows deep in his heart were suddenly mobilized. Lin Qin, unable to handle it immediately pushed Jin Fei Yun away and slammed the door shut.

But it didn’t matter, the nightmare lurking in his heart was triggered, wandering around Lin Qin’s body like a shadow.

He seemed to have returned to that time, in the dark and damp environment, the closed door hinging and creaking, dark shadows swaying outside the window, the sound of the howling wind and rain.

The fear was like gangrene, penetrating deep into the marrow of his bones.

He seemed to have fallen into boundless darkness and seeing no end and no light, curled up into himself and wrapped himself in the quilt, but he could no longer resist the cold brought by the darkness. His teeth began to chatter, his breathing coming in short rapid bursts, his consciousness gradually disappearing.

Until a deep but powerful voice came—

“Lin Qin, it’s me.”

Just these four words, was like the sun breaking through the dark clouds and all of a sudden, there was a beam of light in his dark world.

This beam of light, was called Meng Chao.

The past, the present, the future, it had always been.

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