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Chapter 24.1 Joint statement

This wasn’t a world with only light, there must be darkness where there was light.

Lin Qin understood what Meng Chao meant. He wanted to tell him, to not stick to the darkness of the past but that one should look forward to the light rather than confining himself in the past.

Always follow the light and the darkness will always disappear.

Lin Qin understood this truth, but some things couldn’t be solved with just understanding. There was a wall in his heart and it had been very solidly erected there, it was indestructible and unbreakable.

When Meng Chao saw the embarrassed look on Lin Qin’s face, he sighed gently and rubbed his head. “It’s okay, we’ll take our time.” 

Lin Qin made an ‘En’ then blurted out, “Meng Chao Ge, will always stay with me?”

As soon as this sentence came out Lin Qin knew that he had violated the rules. He and Meng Chao had only known each other for more than half a month, saying such words weren’t appropriate at all.

He opened his mouth to try to explain himself, “I…”

Meng Chao’s voice rang, “Um, I’ll always be with you.”

Meng Chao was famous for his thick and heavy magnetic base in the entertainment circle, each time the simultaneous audio sound of his film was released alone, there would be a bunch of fans who would scream that they were having ear-gasms. But at this moment, Meng Chao wasn’t reading those movie lines that dazzled everyone, his voice was full of emotion, firm but not lacking in tenderness, a little bit of indulgence also mixed in it.

It was as if the hazy fog of the morning had come, falling into his heart, setting off a huge wave.

Lin Qin felt as if his whole body had been electrocuted. Every inch of his skin was crisp, his mind blank. Looking up, he fell into Meng Chao’s dark eyes, and those eyes seemed to be filled with a kind of emotion that stirred up Lin Qin’s heart.

For a moment, Lin Qin mistakenly thought Meng Chao was confessing to him, and couldn’t control himself.

The current state of the two of them under the cameras were like sparkles sizzling and flashing, pink bubbles floating about.

Several of the staff members were interns who had just joined the TV station this year and were fans of Meng Chao. They were usually restrained, but now as they stood far away seeing this picture, although they couldn’t hear what Meng Chao and Lin Qin were saying, they covered their hearts and it took a lot of effort for them to resist the desire to jump and scream.

At this moment, their hearts were going wild—

[Movie emperor Meng ah, what are you doing sitting there dazed for, hurry up and press a kiss to rabbit Lin Qin’s forehead!!!]

[Why do they give me strong cp vibes? In this life to be able to see them together, I have absolutely lived to the supermax value, ah, ah ah! Hurry up and kiss him!]

Anyway, they couldn’t think of more than ten thousand words in their minds right now, totally forgetting how they had resisted the news when they had heard that their Meng Chao was about to record a show with Lin Qin, exposing their true natures.

How the outside world reacted, Lin Qin and Meng Chao naturally didn’t know. Four eyes opposite each other, Lin Qin was sucked in by Meng Chao’s eyes, stupefied for a while.

After a long time Lin Qin reacted, getting out of the unexpected daze with which he had been using to look at Meng Chao. His face turned red at a speed visible to the naked eye. If any special effects were to be added at this time, he would really resemble a lit fire, his red face burning.

Lin Qin quickly retracted his gaze and ran in the general direction of the kitchen. “I… I’m going to prepare breakfast.”

Even though Lin Qin went far, he could still hear Meng Chao’s laughter, low, like a feather scratching gently on Lin Qin’s chest, tickling him.

Walking to the kitchen, Lin Qin leaned against the table and let out a long sigh of relief. His throbbing chest and burning cheeks told Lin Qin that they wouldn’t pass away so easily. 

That deep and gentle ‘I’ll always be with you’, and yesterday’s warm embrace had been carved into Lin Qin’s soul. In the future, even if he and Meng Chao developed feelings, they would rarely see each other. These things would remain in Lin Qin’s bones and blood, worthy of remembering it for a lifetime.

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