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Chapter 28.2 The protagonist and supporting character

Lin Qin and Meng Chao learned their experience here and when they were together in the future, they really used these to resolve some contradictions.

These were words for later. After talking about how the husband and wife got along, getting the heads up from Meng Chao, Lin Qin began to ask the questions he had prepared.

The couple had been surprised earlier when they had heard Meng Chao mention that Lin Qin had some questions to ask them. When it came to acting skills, although they were called old acting bones, in fact they knew that their acting skills weren’t as good as Meng Chao’s.

Meng Chao was known as the legend of the entertainment circle and the old actors in the entertainment circle had also acknowledged it. Each and everyone who had acted with Meng Chao could understand this feeling of despair.

So Lin Qin having a legend by his side but not asking, rather coming to ask them, they couldn’t understand.

But after listening to Lin Qin’s questions, they understood why Lin Qin had asked them.

The role of the character, was one that Meng Chao hadn’t yet done.

Since Meng Chao’s debut, he had always been the male lead, and was still the male lead, so he couldn’t teach Lin Qin how to act as a villain and only act as a supporting role for a few minutes.

These, however were the roles that Dai Hong and Zhu Ling often encountered during the waning years in their careers.

Zhu Ling had acted as a villain in a popular drama, performing a profoundly wicked and incisive character, such that anytime she went out, she was scolded for playing that role in the drama, rotten vegetables thrown at her. Dai Hong had starred in a movie for only three minutes, and these three minutes had become the most classic part of the film, as well as become a textbook for the Film Academy and had been studied repeatedly.

Lin Qin wanted to experience and interpret the feelings from a non-protagonist’s point of view, so it was most appropriate to ask Dai Hong and Zhu Ling.

When Lin Qin was preparing questions, he had done his homework very well and grasped the way of asking questions very well. It didn’t make one feel it was abrupt but rather made one feel respected. Moreover, Lin Qin was humble and serious, taking notes verbatim when encountering key points.

If at first the couple taught Lin Qin because of giving Meng Chao face, there would still be some reservations, but at this moment, being impressed by Lin Qin’s serious efforts, they unreservedly taught him their experiences.

Meng Chao also listened very seriously, thinking that the opportunity was rare. If he made a decision where he wanted to take a non-male lead character, these experiences would also be helpful to him.

Don’t know how late the night was but when it came to an end, it was almost twelve.

Zhu Ling glanced over to see Lin Qin’s notebook. It was dense but clear, properly arranged and distinct, making her very satisfied and gratified.

However she still asked curiously, “Xiao Lin, with your resources you should be the main lead, how come you’re thinking about how to play a supporting role?”

Lin Qin looked at Zhu Ling, his eyes shining in the dark, “Whether it’s the protagonist or the supporting role, they are all periods of life, I want to go through it and learn from experience.”

The protagonist had its good and the supporting role also had their helplessness and ups and downs, all of them deserved to be respected.

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