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Chapter 23.1 Two kinds of human nature

When Lin Qin woke up, it was already the next morning.

He was about to sit up when he felt that his hand was being held. Goosebumps appeared on his body and the hairs on his body stood up straight, his palms sweaty.

Turning his head almost stiffly, he saw Meng Chao sitting by the bed holding his hand with his head on the bed, sleeping soundly. His physical resistance disappeared in an instant, just feeling a warm current flowing into his limbs.

Meng Chao Ge had stayed him all through last night? Lin Qin’s heart turned happy at the thought, then he lay down again, taking advantage of the opportunity to look at the sleeping face of Meng Chao closely.

The sleeping Meng Chao, whose facial features looked softer, had long eyelashes that cast a partial dark blue shadow on his face, his nose was long, his lips were thin and pale and he had a sharp face, very handsome.

Lin Qin stretched out the other hand that wasn’t being held, timidly wanting to trace his features, but it hung in midair, not daring to advance. He tentatively moved it forward, then flinched back, repeating this a few times, but he still couldn’t didn’t touch Meng Chao.

Actually, Meng Chao had woken up a long time ago, he just wanted to see what Lin Qin would do, but he hadn’t expected that he would be so terrified. He had tried a few minutes but didn’t dare touch him.

Meng Chao could only open his eyes slowly, focusing his attention on Lin Qin who was in his line of sight, a soft smile on his face, “Morning.”

Having been caught peeking, Lin Qin’s face suddenly turned red, his whole person shrank back as he mumbled indistinctly “Meng Chao Ge, good morning.”

Then a slow half-beat reaction came after he noticed his hand was still being held by Meng Chao. He jerked back, sprung up from the bed like a rabbit and jumped into the bathroom.

Besides being nervous and shy, Lin Qin’s emotions were also jumping with joy.

Meng Chao looked at his hand, the warmth from Lin Qin’s hand still lingering and like an idiot, put his hand to his nose and smelled it, only to feel that there was heat flowing in his lower abdomen. Without waiting for Lin Qin to come out, he rushed back to his room to take a cold shower.

When Lin Qin came out and didn’t see Meng Chao, he felt both relieved and disappointed at the same time.

What happened last night hadn’t disappeared from his memory, he could even recall the temperature as he had been held by Meng Chao, his scent and that smell of lemon.

After taking a big step forward physiologically, Lin Qin no longer resisted Meng Chao’s touch, and was even a bit addicted to it. He only felt that the feeling of being close to Meng Chao’s skin could make one’s soul moan.

Lin Qin patted his red face that wouldn’t cool down with hot water and told himself to quickly stop imagining things, or it would really get out of control!

Lin Qin washed his face again, then went downstairs leisurely. Although he had the acting skills of a film emperor, he didn’t hide his heart in daily life with all his emotions were written on his face, so the slightly raised corner of his mouth naturally betrayed his happy mood.

The staff of the reality show had been worried that Lin Qin would be affected by the incident that happened last night and would no longer be in the right condition, but seeing his energetic and spirited appearance, they were relieved.

Chu Hong who knew Lin Qin better than the staff could feel Lin Qin’s mood more intuitively, and couldn’t help laughing.

She thought to herself, in the near future, the once cheerful and lively Lin Qin would come back.

Not long after, Meng Chao also came down. He had just taken a shower so his hair was still wet. He was wearing a black shirt and black casual jeans, the first two buttons of his shirt unbuttoned, slightly revealing a honey-coloured chest and collarbone. He wasn’t wearing glasses today, his deep eyebrows less neutralized by the glasses, looking a lot more sharper and more aggressive.

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