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Chapter 36.1 Significant change

After being warned, Meng Chao’s cheating was no longer blatant, but when Lin Qin came over to grab the notes, Meng Chao’s hand was still slippery, making it easy for them to be taken by Lin Qin.

After one or two visits, Lin Qin also had a taste of it, and following with the hand slipping method, secretly handed out a few notes to Meng Chao.

Han Zhi saw this and protested.

The staff laughed unreservedly, with the director repeating the previous words, pretending to be serious as he said: “Listen up, this referee is warning certain players that this is a regular fair and square game, please face up to the playing field, treat your teammates fairly. I forbid you from force feeding your opponents and the watching crowd dog food. If certain players make the same mistake again, you will automatically form a team and your teammates will also automatically form a team. The team names, this referee has considered it very well, it’s tone deaf team and music legends team.”

The field was full of laughter, tone deaf team and music legends team, if Chen Jing Qing and Han Zhi formed a team, won’t the two movie emperors be defeated easily? The creations and the concert in the evening would definitely leave a censored area in the newspapers!

Lin Qin and Meng Chao realized the seriousness of the consequences and stopped feeding each other information, riveting to digging out the notes buried in the sand on the beach, adopting a ‘you deal with me, I deal with you’ style.

Having two tone deaf individuals compose a song together and sing it in front of an audience? It was better to kill them than this.

So in the end, one could see four people in a state of fighting on the square beach, a you won’t allow me, I won’t allow you attitude, totally fierce.

After the first game, the legendary team took the lead and Chen Jing Qing assigned a note to the fresh meat team.

In the next two games, Lin Qin and Meng Chao stopped feeding each other information, ending with one win and one loss.

This time the director’s group was quite humanized. Instead of having Lin Qin and Meng Chao prepare the lunch, they provided it and it was quite sumptuous.

The four people had been busy all morning, so by lunchtime they were already hungry, they didn’t care what the taste of lunch was, they just filled up their stomachs first.

After lunch, they gathered together for a while then went back to their rooms for lunch break, however Meng Chao didn’t go back, he went to the director instead.

The director understood Meng Chao’s intentions. It should be said that during this period of filming, Meng Chao would always use his resting time to find him, to watch the playback of what had been recorded earlier.

At the beginning, the director didn’t know Meng Chao’s purpose of doing this, it was only through close observation that he knew that Meng Chao was observing Lin Qin.

It was the same thing today too. As soon as Meng Chao came in, he asked him to pull up the morning video and then sat for an hour before it.

Director: “Lin Qin seems to have let go a lot more today, he’s not as awkward as before.”

Lin Qin’s performance, director had always seen it with his eyes. At the beginning, he had only felt that because Lin Qin was on a reality show for the first time, he couldn’t let go, so his performance was a little shaky.

But after a long time, the director also noticed something. It wasn’t that Lin Qin didn’t want to let go, but that he didn’t know how to. No matter whether he was facing the staff or the guests who were participating in the recording, his performance was still the same.

Nervous, trembling, sweaty palms.

These were all symptoms of social phobia, and the director had long suspected it, but didn’t say it.

He could see Lin Qin’s efforts, trying to accept the people around him, trying to come out.

It was clear that Lin Qin’s efforts were effective, because today he had done very well. When he played the game, he completely let go. He was able to laugh out loud and when he came into contact with others, he didn’t suddenly push them away like before which had resulted in an embarrassing situation.

Meng Chao naturally saw what the director could see.

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