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Chapter 97 Double Yolk Movie Emperor

Editor: Jodi

February, West Berlin, Germany.

There was a drizzle of fine rain, however it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd at all as the red carpet was spread out, and then stars from various countries competed in beauty and style under the incessant clicking of cameras and flashes, making it a grand cinematic event.

The red carpet event had already started.

And because C Country’s ‘Dark War’ received multiple nominations at the festival and the lead actors were Lin Qin and Meng Chao, a domestic live streaming platform, seeing a business opportunity, purchased the rights to broadcast the festival in C Country.

And the fans, hearing that Lin Qin and Meng Chao’s red carpet performance would be broadcast live, waited patiently in the live stream room.

And of course, while waiting for Lin Qin and Meng Chao to appear, they also critiqued the attire and behavior of certain stars, as some people had seriously gone to great lengths for the sake of exposure on the red carpet.

Just when the pop-ups were still roasting themselves with, your idol dressed in a too revealing manner, your idol did this, a stretch Lincoln approached in the distance.

Then the fans, as if having a hunch, left messages on the screen, [I have a feeling that the people getting out of the car now are the cast of ‘Dark War’!]

[I feel it too. Little Rabbit Lin and Movie Emperor Meng are definitely in this car!]

Of course, with every car that arrived, the pop-ups would say the same thing, only to be wrong.

But now they had really gotten it right.

The entire cast of ‘Dark War’ walked the red carpet together, including Lin Qin, Meng Chao, the director and Han Zhi, all of whom were directly related to the three nominations.

Certain viewers were confused as to why Han Zhi had appeared here.

[Why is Han Zhi with the cast of ‘Dark War’? He just made a cameo. Does he also need to walk the red carpet?]

[Upstairs, you don’t know, right? The soundtrack for ‘Dark War’ was created by Han Zhi himself, so now that it’s been nominated for Best Soundtrack Award, he naturally qualifies to walk the red carpet.]

[Han Zhi, impressive!]

The pop-ups praised Han Zhi, and then Lin Qin and Meng Chao appeared in front of the live broadcast camera, and as the two of them were movie emperors, the foreign paparazzi, recognizing the two of them, snapped pictures of them crazily the moment they stepped onto the red carpet.

At this moment, the live stream’s pop-ups also went wild.

[Ah ah ah, Little Rabbit Lin and Movie Emperor Meng are sneakily wearing couple outfits again! So handsome, so handsome! The two of them are so handsome!]

[@The private wardrobe of Stir-Fried Vegetables, come and tell us, how many couple outfits is this for the tone-deaf couple?]

[The private wardrobe of Stir-Fried Vegetables: Don’t ask me, I’ve also lost count!]

[Hahaha, poor private wardrobe.]

The pop-ups continued to go crazy as Lin Qin and Meng Chao finished their walk on the red carpet and entered the venue.

The lighting of the venue was dim, so after they found their seats and sat down, they waited for the award ceremony to begin.

“Meng Chao, why does it feel as if you’re a bit nervous?” The director asked Meng Chao with a tilt of his head, not sure if it was just his imagination. Meng Chao had obviously been to bigger film festivals than this before and had never looked as nervous as he was this time.

And hearing this, Lin Qin also looked at Meng Chao, a little bit of doubt in his eyes. He felt that if there was anyone who should feel nervous, it should be him and not Meng Chao no matter how it was looked at.

Meng Chao, pretending to be unconcerned, told them, “It’s all an illusion, your illusion.” However his hand stroked the pocket of his jacket subconsciously as if it held a treasure inside, treating it with extreme care.

The wait until the award ceremony began was a struggle, then as award after award was announced, it turned into an even longer struggle.

And although Meng Chao didn’t know whether he and Lin Qin would win the Silver Bear Award, he knew that regardless of the outcome, today’s event was imperative.

Winning would be the icing on the cake, but failing would leave a regret in his life.

For Meng Chao, every second that passed was torture.

Then finally, when a clip of his and Lin Qin’s movie flashed on the big screen, he knew the moment he had been waiting for was about to arrive.

“Chao Meng!” With the awkward pronunciation of his name, the camera panned to Meng Chao, who won the Best Actor at this Berlin International Film Festival, making this second international A-list film festival Movie Emperor trophy in his life.

Lin Qin was about to turn around to congratulate him when he suddenly heard his own name, “Qin Lin!”

Lin Qin froze.

Hadn’t Meng Chao’s name been announced just now? Why was his name being called now? What was happening?

The director nudged him, “It’s a double yolk, double yolk, double Movie Emperor!” His tone was ecstatic. This was a rare double Movie Emperor award, and both had come from his crew.

Lin Qin, still in a daze, was brought back to reality as Meng Chao took his hand.

“Let’s go up together.” Meng Chao told him.

Lin Qin’s heart settled, then he smiled, “Okay.”

Under the spotlight, Meng Chao and Lin Qin walked to the center of the stage hand in hand, where two Silver Bear Awards were presented to them, a testament that affirmed their acting skills.

As well as symbolising another peak that they had reached together.

After the award presenters stepped back, the host invited Lin Qin and Meng Chao to deliver their acceptance speeches.

Suddenly, Lin Qin felt Meng Chao become nervous. He didn’t understand why he hadn’t been nervous when the awards were being announced, and only now, with the trophy in hand, that he became nervous.

Lin Qin looked at him worriedly, however Meng Chao motioned for him to give his acceptance speech first.

And clearing his throat, Lin Qin gave his acceptance speech, and although his speech was filled with clichés, his tone was sincere, revealing his sincerity.

At the end, he thanked Meng Chao deeply, looking at him with deep emotion in his eyes.

All of a sudden Meng Chao calmed down, took the microphone from Lin Qin and first made a harmless joke in fluent English, causing the audience to laugh, then he turned serious, switching to Chinese.

” Today is a particularly important day in my life, and one that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Because today, I want to propose to my love, hoping he will continue this journey with me forever.”

Lin Qin’s eyes widened in shock when he heard this, then he saw Meng Chao go down on one knee, pull out a ring that he had prepared long ago from his pocket, then hold it out in front of him with both hands.

Meng Chao: “Qin Qin, marry me.”

And although the audience in the venue didn’t understand what Meng Chao was saying, the universal gesture of one proposing was clear, hence the venue was filled with loud bursts of whistles and thunderous applause for a while.

Lin Qin, the center of attention, was at a loss for words for a long time, unsure of what to say. In the end, he could only stretch his hand out to allow Meng Chao put the ring onto his finger.

Then Meng Chao, as if afraid he would regret it, put the ring on his finger hurriedly.

After putting on my ring, you will be my person for the rest of your life.

The end.

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  1. It ended on a high note, but I still wanted a wedding!

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  2. They already gone through honeymoon so I honestly forgot they haven’t actually propose to each other with the ring and all!!! XD OMG I forgot they’re not married yet. Lol 🤣

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